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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bubbly Funk Cyber Crop 2008

Raising money for Breast Cancer Care and having fun along the way.....

What a day! It's been 'brilliant'. I have never known anything like it!!!

It started at 9am and went on until 7pm. Guess what! we get to do it all again tomorrow.

I can't wait. Why not visit the Shoppie sometime if your passing, that's what I did and never looked back. :) Bubblyfunk

Here is something I made today, it was from the 3rd class of the day. We have Suzie to thank for bringing this one to us. Designed by dotslifeandart

I really enjoyed making this Dotee doll and hope to make some sisters for her soon...

 Thanks for calling.xx


  1. She is gorgeous Gez! Glad you enjoyed making her :)

  2. So cute Gez! I love her pink hair and the little beaded border you added round the bottom of her dress - gorgeous!

  3. Great blog entry Gez - love your little dolly

  4. I'm a first time visitor to your blog Gez, didn't realise you had one.
    Love your little creation form the cyber crop.
    Sue x

  5. Fab Gez, she's so cute.

    It has been fun hasn't it?!

  6. I love your doll, Gez - I must try and make one of these - so cute!

  7. Yes, she has got a gorgeous bottom... oh not that wasnt' what Joanne said - hee hee!

    Lovely dolly, she can be cyber sister to mine!

  8. Oh Thank you for your lovely comments xxx
    Glad you like her bottom Janice :) hee hee
    She's happy now she has a cyber sister even if she has a boyfriend!!

  9. Ooh Gez, love your little dotee doll, very pretty and soo cute. Also, your card is very striking indeed. Love the background, all blends in well. XX


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