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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Daring Card Makers...Paint Party.

This dare is Dare 52 of Year 2 for the DCM so we hope you'll help us celebrate our 2nd birthday and join in with our new dare!

Paint the Town........
red, green, sky blue pink with yellow dots on, or any colour you fancy, with acrylics, H2Os or watercolours, with brushes, sponges or splatters. We don't mind, as long as you use paint on your cards. So have some fun with the DCM and get Painty this week.

This card is painted with inks on parchment paper and embossed and cut with scissors to produce an edging that looks like lace.

Congratulations Daring Card Maker Team :o)


  1. gez,thats beautiful :)
    i haven't done any parchment for ages.........

  2. Wow Gez, there's so much work gone into this card. It's lovely.

  3. So pretty, it really does look like lace - must have taken you forever!

  4. So pretty -love snowdrops and the lace effect suits them so well!

  5. So beautiful, Gez - don't know how you have the patience.

  6. This is so delicate and pretty - it must have taken HOURS to do Gex, how will you be able to part with it though?

  7. Oh Gez...that is so so beautiful, I really admire the work you have done...I don't have enough patience for it...it should be in a frame hon XXX

  8. I'd never thought of framing it Karen. I like that idea. X :o)

  9. WOW! Gez, this is absolutely STUNNING! I love everything you did in your card. This is my faves one :) Fabulous job as always.

    Have a great day!

  10. This is such a beautiful card Gez, absolutely stunning.
    I know how long it must have taken you to make because I like to dabble in a spot of Pergamano myself but mine is nowhere near as neat as yours. (especially my cutting)

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