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Wednesday, 3 December 2008


The passing of customs or beliefs from one generation to another. Show us a tradition in your space today space today.

I've been putting it off & putting it off. Thanks HS:MS:HS for the reminder ~ not!!!!!!!

This is my first year for making hand made cards & I am very nervous as to whether they will be liked or not. I have the tradition of using my gold papermate pen which was a 21st birthday present, many moons ago! Thanks for looking.


  1. Lovely cards and a beautiful pen!

    I'm sure everyone will love your handmade cards.


  2. well done for making your cards! and as a pen lover thats a lovely pen!!!

  3. Nice angle - cards look fine & nice pen

  4. From what I can see Gez, your cards are lovely and everyone would be more than pleased to receive one!

    On the tradition... I always write my Christmas cards in fountain pen (as I also do when writing cheques) I'm a bit of fountain pen lover if I'm honest. Makes my scrawl look almost acceptable!!!



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