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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Week 2. Emily Falconbridge asked... Am I afraid of change??

I have decided to stick to a theme by following what I did for week one. Stamping an oval frame & then putting the question in. I am also going to try & add a piece of ribbon at the top each week also like week one. Should be interesting!

Side 2. Same formatt as last week! although I was very impatient & spoilt side 2 by not letting the ink completely dry & it smudged. So this is a quick re-make done this morning!


  1. I love your samplers :)

    Likin' the idea of keeping to a theme for you 52Q cards too, fab card!

  2. Awe brilliant!!! I am trying to keep to theme of not using patterned paper and only handwriting. So I need to gen up on using inks! X

  3. Fabby 52Q card Gez, and I like your idea of a theme!

  4. Fab card, love the sentiment you express on the back - perfect!

  5. Lovely card and 52Q card Gez.

  6. This is fabulous! I love it. You did a wonderful job!


  7. This is great, Gez. And I love your card for DCM. x

  8. perfect car and sentiment

    chriss x


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