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Friday, 30 January 2009


Week 4. This week Emily Falconbridge asked us to fill in the missing blank!!

When I look into my eyes I see......

I decided not to look too deeply at this one & opted for the fact that the smallest member of my family is also the hardest work & in 23 months I have managed only 4 nights uninterrupted sleep. Somedays I really could do with some match sticks to keep a wake! Cheers baby! xxx


  1. OMG I shouldn't laugh Gez but your post has me howling...rofl
    I sooooo remember the sleepless nights even if mine were a long time ago babywise... so I do sympathise but it certainly hasn't made you lose your sense of humour :D
    Fabulous and thanks for making my day!!
    Chris xx

  2. hahahahahahahaha nearly peed myself!!! Brilliant idea Gez XXX

  3. Oh well done Gez, that's brilliant.
    I really think this Q needs a lighthearted answer.
    Sue x

  4. Fabulous Gez, that is sooo funny....brilliant thinking xx

  5. Fantastic take on the question, I love this! :haha:

  6. Tee hee Gez, what a brilliant interpretation of this question. Still have mine to do.

  7. what a brill answer Gez - really made me smile....xx

  8. Gez, thank you so much for all the sweet comments in my blog. I really appreciate it.

    LOL!!! this is so funny, I love it!

  9. That is a fab take on the prompt! And oh so true for you.

  10. Aaaw Gez, thats fab.
    Hope you do manage to get a few more nights sleep under your belt over the coming months.......x

  11. Awwwww - it made me smile, but no fun really not getting your sleep - but great answer! x

  12. Btw love the clock on your header. x

  13. Thank you Hazel for letting me know you like my clock.
    DH keeps telling me to get rid of it!!

  14. oh brilliant gez, great idea, i still have to do week 4 :) x


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