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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Art Journal Journey

Week 22. What would you like to learn...

I would love to learn inking, stamping, distressing techniques but I don't know where to start! It is all bemusing but I love it & I am fascinated by it. There just seem to be so many products out there its knowing where to start. :) I used some purple shimmery paper, inked the edges with white ink but it didn't take so I smudged it in (& I was really pleased with it!!) so I re-inked the edges with a purple ink & doodled with my new lovely white pen. :)

Side 2. The background paper is the sort of effects I am wanting to learn how to create. IYSWIM. Perhaps, there is a name for this type of art? & I've somehow missed it. I find in stamping magazines they 'assume' you already know a lot because most of the instructions presume you know some of the steps they are asking you to do?

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  1. I'd call that a grungy collage effect but I have no idea whether it has a "proper" name! Love what you did with this one,. Have you seen the Stamping 101 thread at BF? Lots of info about ink types etc there - ask if you think we can help with anything :o)


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