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Saturday, 31 January 2009

I've won an award!!!

I've been holding on to a couple of awards I've been so kindly given in January for a couple of reasons but I wanted to blog them before the end of the month.
I find it so hard to pass on awards as I like to visit so many blogs.

This award was a total surprise to me!

I went blog hopping to the other side of the world to visit my lovely friend Rleen's digital blog & saw I had been given this award!

Rleen is creating her own beautiful sketches & also has some digital freebies. If you get chance why not give her a visit. :o)

The rules to accepting this award is as follows: 1) first list 10 honest things about yourself and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! (2) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Okay, I've thought long & hard over this for way past a week now! sorry, Rleen.

1.) I turned down the opportunity to have my wedding day photographed by a national newspaper....
2.) I have appeared on the front of a glossy magazine as the main feature. (not under the bar code!!!) LOL. It's a long story but you could always email me. :o)
3.) I hate being stuck in queues especially with the pram & the children. I try & shop online whenever I can now.
4.) I've nearly completed my first month of 365 days of photos, only another 11 months to go!!
5.) I had my right thumb broken during a game of hockey. ouch!
6.) I used to paint pictures holding the brush in my toes as a child. (can't believe I'm telling you these!) now you know why the delay Rleen!
7.) I fell in the canal as a child outside a busy lunchtime pub.
8.) I can play classical guitar.
9.) I passed my driving test when I was 18.
10.) I seem to be blog hopping more than crafting at the moment.

I would like to pass this award on to...

1.) Karen

2.) Carol

3.) Janice

4.) Deanne

5.) Di

6.) Tracey

7.) Beth



  1. Gez,
    You are so welcome! And thank you so much for all the sweet words. No problem about doing it on the last day of the month. Actually this is a great idea.

    WOW! WOW! your 10 honest things about yourself I'm so impressed!
    *Why did you do that?
    *oh! of course I definitely email you about that. So interesting :)
    *I regreted that I didn't do it.
    * WOW! I didn't know you played hockey. You're so talented!
    *Oh! That is really amazing holding brush with your toes to paint? That is a great talent you have Gez. Only a few could do that. I used to paint and draw when I was young but I never use my toes. Yes, now I know the reason for the delay. Ok I have to email you more about this I'm so curious now.....and yes we have the same thing in your #10.

    It's wonderful to get to know you more.

    Have a wonderful weekend! And thanks for all the love you left in my blog.


  2. Oooo, thanks Gez for the award....this one is going to take some thinking about that's for sure :-)

    Definately intrigued by your answers, things that I'd like to hear alot more about ;-)

  3. aw thank you gez, omg i think it will take me about a week to think of ten things and who to pass it on to as well lol

    thank you so much, watch this space x

  4. My very first award, now shall I be like Kate Winslet and burst into tears and not be able to speak ..... na lol

    Thank you for nominating me Gez but what do I do now? Just answer the questions on my blog?

    I will email you for the full s p on the cover photo story - you know that I am soooo nosy.

    Traceyr x


  5. Mmmm Tracey I know what you're like!! hehehe. Think I might avoid chat tonight!! rofl ..... only joking. :o)

    It was a pleasure to give you your 1st award. Your work is so creative & I've seen lots of it on the forum. :o) So it is richly deserved. XX

  6. Awe thanks chook! This will take some thinking about and I definitely will be emailing you!!! XXX

  7. Well Gez, I can't believe I've made it on your blog.........finally lol. I have tried every night this past week, so tonight I had a brainwave and thought I'll try your link from someone else's blog and it's worked!!

    Can't believe (well I do believe) about you painting with your toes, that is one extraordinary talent and a hard one at that too.

    Love the LO of Tom and all the colours and the way you've placed everything really draws you in to the photos.

    Thank you for the two awards. Do I pop the pics on my blog........I'm no good at this lol. I shall think about the questions carefully and then pop them on my blog.

    As for the email you bit........me thinks your inbox is going to be very full lol. Thanks lovely. XX


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