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Monday, 9 February 2009

Art Journal Journey

Week 24. Remember when........

I was looking through my old photo's recently when I got 'tagged' on here & enjoyed a trip down memory land at the same time. Bearing in mind I'm making my art journal as part of my legacy! I couldn't help but choose this photo when this weeks topic came up.

My little boy not much bigger than the tyre, determind to push the tyre home after finding it on a local walk. I think Ben was 5 at the time. (He was 8 last week.) Why?? I'll never know...............boys!!

Lots of doodling, inking & my new Krylon pen. I've never had one before & have only just plucked up the courage to use it, don't know why, now?? It was easy to get the gold leaf flowing & now nothing within my reach is safe!!! I've used scraps of DCVW paper & also some Prima paper. Thank you for looking.


  1. Awe bless him!!!! The tyre looks sooo big!!! Lovely card Gez XXX

  2. Kids never cease to amaze me and Ben just gave me a giggle. Wonder what he planned to do with it once he got it home. lol

    Great memory to treasure. :)

  3. They are great Gez. I'll update your doinker lol.


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