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Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I've been tagged by a talented & creative crafter Chris. Thank you Chris so very much. :o) It was a lovely surprise to find out yesterday I'd been tagged. If you get the chance why not have a look at Chris's blog, there is so much creative magic going on there.

The rules being you show the fourth picture from the fourth file on your computer.

This is the 4 photo in my 4th file! Taken 26.01.05. It's a birthday cake I made for my dad. He used to watch a children's tv programme with his grandson when he was 4 before he started school. Happy memories......I'd forgotten about this cake!!

I coloured white fondant icing blue for the sea but didn't blend the blue colouring properly so it would give a marble effect. I made a little boat from fondant icing & then the row of shops in all different colours of fondant just like on the show! including the castle on the hill. The programme is actually filmed in Scotland on Tobermory & the houses are all different colours just like on the cake.

I would like to tag Tracey Rleen DiO Janice Sue Net

Thank you for looking today.


  1. Oh WOW what an amazing cake Gez!!!! Can I have one for my birthday...perlease??? hehe XXX

  2. Wow Gez, that TTT cake is amazing and I love the way you've mixed the icing, gives it a soft marble look. XX

  3. Wowsa Gez what a fabulous cake... looks like you're a gal with many talents... brilliant :D
    Sorry didn't pop by before just been having some cr*ppy days.
    Thanks for doing the tag hun
    Chris xx


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