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Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Week 9. What was the last brave thing I did?

Nearly 2 weeks ago now I attended an assessment at a local hospital ENT clinic to see why I keep having a sore throat most of the time. The consultant used a small camera which he inserted up both nostrils to have a look at my throat. When he saw I had my eyes shut he told me to watch the monitor! mmm....didn't mean a thing to me.
He did take a couple of photographs & it was on the tip of my tongue to ask him for a photograph...... for my 365 days of photographs project!!!!


  1. I think you were VERY brave Gez.
    Sue x

  2. And very brave you were too hun :-o

  3. You were certainly braver than I would have been XXX

  4. Oh my, that does sound nasty. Well done on being so brave and I'm not sure anyone else would have wanted to see a pic of your tonsils - ha ha!


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