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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Altered tin

Over on the Bubbly Funk forum Karen came up with the fantastic challenge of altering a tin. I really loved this challenge & put it to the top of my to~do list!!

UPDATE.........(I have just heard this challenge has gone live on the Bubbly Scrumptious blog, if anyone would like to join in the challenge why not pop over to read what it's all about!!) sorry! as I was saying......

My mum had a small round tin full of kisses off her grand daughter & this is what I based my idea on. That & something else we made for my mum. When she was diagnosed with cancer 10 months before her death we decorated a little empty glass jar & filled it full of 'wishing stars'.

My children & I spent ages choosing lovely coloured paper to make into stars. The idea is to write a message on one side of the paper, it can be anything...it is supposed to be your wish. You then fold the strip of paper into a star shape & there you have it.....a wishing star!

My youngest two children believe their Nana has gone to the stars & I thought it might be a nice idea for them to have somewhere to write down their wishes & send their wishes to their Nana. :)
Right down to business...I took photo's along the way last night that's why some are quite dark. The crackle paint took about 40 mins to dry so I had to keep myself busy! I tidied up a couple of craft boxes & found a set of 16 orange inchies I had for a BF swap. I must have forgotten about them & made another set. No wonder I had the feeling of making them before when I was colouring my inchies orange....I had!!! hehehe.

First of all I sanded the tin & used metallic Adirondack pearl dabber to cover the tin. I covered the lid with Prima paper & cut an arch shape out of card. I covered the arch with Tim Holtz crackle paint & waited.........& waited for the paint to dry!

while waiting I covered the inside of the tin with black card.....& waited!

I wrote words on to white card & inked the edges. I used a star shape punch & covered the black card in stars. I covered the stars in twinkling Stickles glue but I don't think it shows up very well.
I found an image from Charmed Crafts that I had printed out & had a go at colouring in with watercolour pencils for a RD challenge but that's as far as I got. It is going on a birthday card for my daughter so that was something else useful I found!
Finally the paint started to dry! & I could assemble my door on the front of the tin. Yes!!
I like the idea of having a door on the front of the tin almost like the entrance to a secret garden.



back of tin.....

I hope you like my tin I had great fun making it for my children to use. :)
If you would like to see where I got my inspiration from for trying an arch door why not have a look here on the gorgeous blog owned by a very, very talented crafter Calv. Calv has made some beautiful doors which just have to be admired! This guy is a genius!
Also, here is a very useful link, if you would like to have a go at making paper wishing stars Paper Star Tutorial. It's not the site where I got my instructions from but my daughter assures me it's a good link. :)
I've been asked what size of papers I use for the Wishing Stars. You can actually make them any size as long as they are in proportion eg; 1 inch x 22 inch, 2 inch x 44 inch etc.,
I normally make my stars 1/2 inch x 11 inch (1cm x 22cm) although my daughter made giant stars for the Christmas concert at her school out of A4 size papers!!
Thanking you for looking today.



  1. Oh Gez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!!!!! I love it and all the sentiment behind it all....you are a natural XXXX

    I love those stars and am going to have a go at those XXX

  2. Oh and thank you for taking part in this challenge and don't forget to leave a link on the BS blog so that others can see it too XXX

  3. Brilliant idea Gez. So much love going into that little tin and the door idea is just perfect. XXX

  4. What a fabulous tin Gez, it's gorgeous xx

    My word verification to submit this comment is "caring".....how fitting for a wonderfully caring person that you are hun.

  5. Brilliant, wonderful, superb. Gez what a touching idea to make a box to contain your children's wishes.

    A what a wonderful job you have done on altering that tin.

    Thanks also for the link about the doors. Off to look later.

    love Traceyr x

  6. What lovely thoughts and ideas you have Gez.
    Off to have a look at those star thingies now.
    Sue x

  7. thats georgous gez,well done :)
    i love that crackle paint:)
    and the stars are cute,thanks for the links,off to check them out :)

  8. Thank You for all your lovely kind comments....think I should have added that my mum was in remission when she died, so may be the stars worked??? Gez. xx

  9. This is wonderful Gez! I love the idea and you've carried it out beautifully. My friend's little boy also believes that daddy has gone to the stars and they have the certificate for daddy's star, too. I'm sure your children appreciated the opportunity to record their wishes for their gran and your mum was very blessed to know how much she was loved. Hugs to you and thanks for sharing the tin with us.

  10. Wowser Gez that's lovely!

  11. What a beautiful thing to do, Gez. x

  12. WOW! Gez, that turned out pretty good. I love the design in the front and those stars. Awesome job on the altered tin.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Gez - that tin is gorgeous, really love the door - and the sentiment behind it is so touching xx

    Take care girlie xx

  14. Gez thats a fantastic Altered tin !! i love it !

    I'l let calv know what you said about his doors ! he will be chuffed !

    you should alter more tins - its totally fab !

  15. Wow Gez, you've been busy! This is fab - a little box of treasures.xx

  16. Wow Gez that is beautiful, i can only echo everyones comments here, such a lovely sentiment and a great piece of altered art!

    Funnily enough, i'd have never of thought of putting a door on a tin, i always get stuck when it comes to tins. :)

    An excellent job Gez, you should be well proud of that.

  17. What an absolutely brilliant idea Gez, it is fantastic. Well done.
    Might even have to have a go at this myself.

  18. I can only say what has already been said - what a fabulous piece of work and a brilliant idea x

  19. I love this Gez, such an amazing piece of art. You should be very proud of yourself, especially as you waited so long lol.


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