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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Blog under construction - Again!

If you are calling by my blog this weekend - please accept my apologies! if you think it looks a bit iggly piggly. What can I say - I'm a gemini - I thrive on change!!
My right hand column now contains everything that was in the left hand column - if you see what I mean & it's in a right mixed up state. Will be back to work on it tomorrow.
I will get my blog looking right in the end!!! Promise.....
Fingers crossed I can find my lovely header again!

Big question is........ Beth has my blog loaded properly on your comp???


  1. ooo Gez I can see pansies down both sides of the main text bit very lovely. :)

  2. Ooo they've gone again Tracey!!!

  3. awe your blog is looking sooooo pretty Gez! x

  4. I like the decoration down the sides Gez. Very pretty.
    Sue x


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