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Monday, 9 March 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 9th March Entry.

For today...

Outside my window... It is cold, wet & windy today but the sun is shining inside our house! It's my daughter's birthday.....Happy Birthday Darling. XXXX

I am thinking... will my sore throat ever get better??

I am thankful for... seeing my daughter open her cards & presents first thing this morning. :o)

From the kitchen... NOT much!!!!

I am wearing... black jog pants, stripey t-shirt complete with curry stain! (sorry, too many details!)

I am creating... a stitched picture on 28ct aida for a crafting friend's Circle Journal.

I am going... to bed REAL soon...promise Karen!

I am reading... The Bad Mother's Handbook (I bought it from a charity shop, so I could use the pages for stamping on but I can't stop reading it! Good job really cause I've found some swear words.....can't have them ending up on the front of someone's card. LOL.)

I am hoping... something I posted today arrives SAFELY at it's destination tomorrow. (fingers crossed)

I am hearing... sssh (he reads my blog!) Hubby snoring!!!

Around the house... it is full of balloons & girlie birthday cards everywhere. (Does that mean I don't have to dust for a day or too!!)

One of my favourite things...kissing my baby's toes at bedtime. :o)

A few of my plans for the rest of the week: I would really like to get Karen's Circle Journal finished & ready for posting by the end of the week so all other crafting activities have been put on hold. (Even though I can hear my stash screaming to be played with. ;o))

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
a barmy evening last summer :o)
Can you hear the swallows??

I discovered this wonderful blog The Simple Womans Day Book after visting Serial Crafter's blog. I've wanted to join in for a week or two & decided to take the plunge on my daughter's birthday.
Thank you for looking.


  1. Awe I love your answers. I thought about doing this on the 1st of every month like a journal. Naughty girl staying up so late!!!!!!! ooooooo looking forward to seeing your cross stitch too XXX

  2. wow what a fab photo Gez!!!

  3. Aw it's great that you have done the Simple Woman thing, Gez. It does make you stop and think and it's lovely to read the day to day things that people do. Hope you've left a link on the Simple Woman blog.

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