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Thursday, 23 April 2009

For Kathy!

........as promised. Kathy very kindly left a comment below on my last posting for todays HS:MS:HS challenge re Newton's apple & asked if she could the whole picture......so....here it is!!

It took me 9 months to stitch on 14ct antique white aida & is the European Millenniumm sampler. I have another one on the go...an American one & an English one still waiting to be started so my children will have one each! I need a big nudge tho to get a move on!!!

Hope you like it Kathy. Thanks for looking. xx


  1. Oh its so lovely to see your sampler again!! All that hard work. Its so impressive...looking forward to seeing the others done NUDGE NUDGE hahahahaha XXX

  2. I think I'd have needed more like nine years than nine months! It's lovely Gez, I do hope you'll do the others so the kids won't have to fight over this one :haha:

  3. Gez, I can appreciate how time consuming and how much concentration is needed to do cross stitch, especially one of greater detail like yours. I've still got a huge one wrapped up in the loft of a lady in a long flowing dress, sitting in a garden, it's beautiful, and I started it when I was expecting Martyn, but never finished it, lol. Lovely Gez. XX

  4. thats lovely gez,well done you on doing such a large piece!!

    one of the old dears at mums chapel did one of these,it now hangs in the chapel :)

  5. It's grogeous and good on you for tackling another two. I've got a sampler on the go I started in 1993!!!!
    I wonder if I'll ever get it finished?

  6. wow Gez thats FAB!

    I still haven't finished mine!! lol or my map....or several other pieces....lolxx

  7. As a former cross stitcher, I take my hat off to you Gez. That is a lot of hours of work. I have a sampler that is 75% made, but I just can't summon up the motivation to finish it.


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