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Tuesday, 14 April 2009


This challenge was from last week but on the day I forgot to take the camera out! so this was taken over the weekend before the sick bugs set in!!!! Trying to play catch up now!

A way by which people pass on foot, or a course of action. Find 'path' in your space.


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter & enjoyed the long weekend. We had lovely weather but didn't get out too much because of a sick bug thats gripping the family! I think I'm on the mend today although I haven't eaten for 2 days.
Thank you for looking.


  1. Love the photo Gez - One of yours or Ben's? haha

    Hope you are feeling better soon. x

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon Gez. Your photos are nice and cheerful, even if you are not feeling too good.

  3. Awe...sorry to read that you have been poorly hon XXX

    Great photo X

  4. Haha!!! Tracey!...One of mine. :o)

    Ben is right at the bottom of the steps with his scooter.

  5. Lovely card Gez and all the inchies look lovely together.

    So glad you have your new BIA and in PINK too!! I have taken mine out of the box and that's it, I'm too scared to use it as it looks difficult but I'm sure it's easy peasy. I may be asking you for some help hee hee. Glad you've got it lovely. XX


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