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Sunday, 5 April 2009

NEW! Alphabet Challenge Blog...B is for .........

Every Friday we will be setting a new Challenge using the letters of the alphabet. You can make any handmade craft item you like using the current weeks letter, either as the theme, the item, or the technique you use. I hope you enjoy joining in and ......... it's just for fun!

I came across this wonderful blog Alphabet Challenge blog when I was blog hopping on Thursday evening only to discover wk2 was about to be posted the morning after!

Over the weekend I've managed to make something for the letters A & B. I've decided to make all my letters each week into twinchies & hopefully the topic I choose will be something that I like or hold dear - so my 3 kids can see what was going through their mum's mind in 2009. I am planning to put all my twinchies onto one big canvas so I can hang it on the wall. I haven't decided yet whether to buy a canvas now or wait until I've finished? Knowing me I think I should wait just in case I don't finish!!!

B is for .......................... butterflies.

I have always been amazed by butterflies & can remember having a Butterfly I Spy book as a child.

I am so pleased with how this twinchie turned out. I am hoping to learn & try out new to me technique's as I go along. That's one of the reason's I've decided to take on the challenges. I spent ages rambling on saying what I'd done & then deleted it - didn't want to bore you all. Everyone I know is more experienced than me & can probably work out what I've done anyway!! I have used a couple of gorgeous images from Crafty Individuals.

A is for ........................ Angel.
I'd be lost without my guardian angels right now. Enough said!
Thanks for looking.


  1. I spy with my little eye....beautiful twinchies! Oh Gez, this challenge has really inspired you, these are fabulous images.

  2. I love your angel - she's really beautiful.

  3. aww what gorgeous twinchies Gez - both are gorgeous - can't wait to see what else you come up with...xx

  4. What beautiful twinchies Gez, many thanks for joining in with the challenge :)

  5. Two beautiful twinchies to start Gez, love the dimension on the buttefly wings and the expression on the angel's face is adorable! Love the idea of doing something for you and the kids to look back on, too - great stuff!

  6. Fantastic Blog Gez, so sorry not been around for a while...just trying to catch up with your wonderful crafts... You must be the QUEEN of boxes...everyone is so gorgeous.

    Loving the thinmble house now you have changed it the crackle glaze is right up my street.

    You are an inspiration ...so much to share.

    take care
    chriss x

  7. What a fab idea Gez, your twinchies are really pretty.

  8. I am loveing the idea of these too Gez...dare I start another one???

    I love what you have done with yours and of course you had to have an angel XXX

  9. Gorgeous image of the angel Gez and I wouldn't have been bored reading your explanation of the butterfly twinch either.

    What a good idea about displaying them on a canvas as well.

    Good luck with keeping up with the challenge. x


  10. Stunning Butterfly, beautiful angel.

  11. Beautiful twinchies! Thank you for taking part in the Alphabet challenge xx

  12. Gez, these twinchies are fab!!! Waiting to see what C-Z hold in store!

  13. Haha!! Hope I make it to z - Rosie. xx

    Thank you so much for lots of lovely comments everyone. XXX

  14. These are simply beautiful Gez


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