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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

RAK for me!

Oooh I got a lovely surprise in the post today! & I just wanted to say a great BIG Thank YOU on my blog to a very talented crafter Net at Caique-momma. We had talked about Net sending me some stamped images so imagine my surprise when I opened the packet. In fact my DH picked the post up off the floor when I got in from an hospital appointment this afternoon & said it was for him & put it face down on the kitchen worktop. So......I ignored 'his' parcel & set about washing Tom's hands for some reason it's always the 1st thing I do when I get home is wash hands I always have. So I was drying our hands & said so what's this you've won off ebay! & turned the parcel over & got a big shock because it had my name on it!!!

I opened the parcel thinking it was something else never imagining it had come across the Pennine's from Net! The parcel was very well taped up! & after a bit of a tussle I opened one ended & peered in & nearly dropped the parcel when I saw some Copic pens peeping! & then when I looked for a card or note & pulled it out....WELL! what can I say OMG!!! Net's cards look fabulous on her blog but to see one in real life........ all I can say is it is the most delicate beautiful card I have ever seen. Thank You, thank you, thank you Net. XXXXX


I can't wait to have a play tonight when the children have gone to bed...

Well thats my exciting news to a day I wasn't really looking forward to when I woke up this morning. I was half expecting a camera poking up my nasil passages!

Thank You Net...


  1. Can't wait to see some pics now Gez!

  2. ohhhh lovely card Gez and the goodies look very enticing!

  3. Awe you are a lucky bird this week sweetie! I have a little bundle of images from Net too...they are so cute! X

  4. Thats a fantastic RAK Gez, it all looks lovely...x

  5. oh Gez how wonderful what a lovely surprise - and what a dear friend Net is...enjoy your RAK gift xx

  6. AAh isn't that kind of Net - enjoy your presents Gez.


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