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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mini Crop Class

Over the weekend quite a few members met up for the first Bubbly Funk Retreat at a beautiful looking place called Toad Hall. Not everyone got to go for whatever reason so the non retreaters decided to have a little fun of their own over the weekend & organise themselves a mini crop!

We have had lots of different classes & had great fun along the way. None of us had much notice to prepare a class as we only decided in the middle of last week to hold our mini crop.

Last Thursday I hopped over to Calv's blog in the hope of seeing another of his fabulous inky wonder veg! only to find a certain little rat showing us his crafty side! Never did I think I would be saying a BIG thank you to Rotty! for his wonderful little TUT... but er thanks v muchly.

I decided that Rotty's TUT looked great fun & just had to give it a try & thought it would be nice to share my discovery with some of my Bubblie friends. :o)

It may look like fun...it is quite messy so be prepared!!!
You will need:-

shaving foam
plastic straw
alcohol inks
kitchen roll paper
card (for colouring)

Shake can of foam & spray a thin layer on to a protective surface. It doesn't need to be spread even.

Drop a few drops of your chosen colours on to the foam. It will begin to sink in to the foam but there is no need to hurry. (I only have a couple of colours & one of them is a Pearl mixative - it doesn't show up very well) I also noticed it reacted strange to the foam so experiment with the metallics first to see how they turn out. It did leave a nice shiney effect on the card.

Take a plastic straw & mix the inks into the foam until you are happy with how it looks. (You can mix the ink & foam a little or a lot it all depends on the type of effect you wish to acheive.)

Experiment & have fun.

Place your card face down on to the top on the foam.

Remove your card from the mixture & place on to some kitchen roll paper. With another piece of kitchen roll remove the foam from the card. Wipe it clean & see your pattern revealed.

3 tags that I have dipped! I used fresh foam & ink each time as the foam started to look a muddy colour - again it all depends on the look you want to acheive.

My finished tag!

I hope you have fun trying this technique. Sorry my photo's aren't top quality as I ran out of daylight hours on Friday night taking shots for the mini crop class.

I am sure Rotty will correct anything I haven't done right. If you want to see er this genius in action take a peep here at his masters blog...Mishaps In The Making. You won't be disappointed.
Calv also has highlighted a very worthy cause on his blog. A story well worth reading...An angel armed with needle & thread. If you get the chance pop over to see what it's all about. Thank You.

Hope you get a chance to try out this technique too. Thanks for looking Gez.xx


  1. Thank you, Gez and Rotty for a great tut - it made me get the shaving foam out again x

  2. Oh know this technique well youcan use any colouring agent. Re use the foam with maybe a bit of added colour for great moody if muddy backgrounds. Have fun playing

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting technique. I will definitely be giving it a try some time! Carolyn

  4. What a very clever technique Gez. :)


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