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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tag It On

If you enjoy tag challenges why not pop over to the NEW challenge blog DragonsDream. The first challenge officially started last Wednesday. This is what Frankie has to say.....

Welcome to the first, official Tag it On (TIO) challenge. The subject for this launch tag is Time and Tide. I would like to challenge you to dream up a tag in any shape or size you like, following the theme, in any way you can think of. I would like you to use AT LEAST one stamp, as I am part of the movement to get the world stamping this year!!!When you have finished your piece, please post it on your blog with a clear link to my blog. Leave me your message and where to find your piece and I will come and visit you!!!Over to you now for this first week... ENJOY!!!!Frankiexx

I had great fun making my tag & got very messy in the process! Of course I thought of the saying Time & Tide waits for no man......& when I found this gorgeous image I decided to work with it! I love what it says on the image........ The Type Writter. Machine to supersed the pen.....

I can remember learning to touch type & thoroughly enjoyed using a typewriter but I wonder what the gentleman on the image would make of todays technology???

I was having a conversation the other day with my daughter about the long 'old' fashioned way to centre a piece of typing. I could tell she was fed up listening before I'd even finished! & now its just a CLICK of a button.

I can't help but feel a little sadness..... I suppose future generations might look back on our times & feel a little sadness too....as we might think our times are great just like the gentleman in the image thought his times were......sorry I'm waffling!!!

Right what did I do to my little plain white tag & by looking at it...it only just qualifies! (My stamping is the text on the letter T)

I covered my tag with blue ink & used a bronze spritz but I'm not sure that will show up on the photo. I then inked a chippie scroll as it reminded me of a crashing wave on the tide. I inked the edges of my 2 images & typed out the words Time & ide! & covered them with Glossy Accents. I sprayed a chippie letter T with bronze spritz & used black ink & a script rubber stamp to just take the edge off the letter.

I had so much fun making this tag but decided not to try & explain when I went to pick my little boy up from school why my fingers were covered in blue ink! Thought they'd look at my even stranger!lol

Have a super bank holiday weekend & thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Gez, you should proudly say, 'I have been creating' and if they don't get it, tough, because we do. And it's a lovely bit of creating too. I think it's fab.

    k xx

  2. Beautiful tag Gez, I remember learning how to centre typing at school, and typing with carbon paper when you needed extra copies!!!! Those were the days ... lol :o)

  3. Oh! noooo!!! I'd forgotten all about that blue carbon paper. Wasn't it a pain if it didn't get lined up straight! lol...

  4. OMG Gez, how horrendous was it to centre text with a typewriter. And doing a table - arrrrrgh! Gives me nightmares just thinking about it, I much prefer it now when you just click. I also prefer decimal currency, but that is because I can only count up to 10 lol!

    Lovely tag, sorry to be an old bore hee hee.

  5. very nice gez :)
    i can remember using a typewritter at school,not that i can touch type LOL i still have a typewritter,but it's a posh one with a corrector typw in it LOL

  6. It's a great interpretation, Gez, thanks for playing

  7. My first job I used a golfball with self corrector. It was the height of sophistication! Love the colours in your tag and all the attention to detail. Hadn't thought of putting glossy accents onto lettering so I'll keep that in mind

  8. I love that image Gez!!! You have done a really fabby tag....very arty!!! XXX

  9. What an imaginative interpretation of the theme. I seem to remember having a similar experience with my children when explaining about type writers. You found a great image of one!


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