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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Alphabet Challenge Blog

This weeks letter is something beginning with..........k

.................... knitting!

I am sticking to my twinchie theme & will take a photo of them all so far when I make the next one - tomorrow!! lol! Its finding where I've put them all!!!

I love to knit. I have had so much pleasure knitting over the years. I taught myself at 16! & have never looked back. I've made man jumpers, ladies cardigans, a school jumper! scarves oh I could go on!! I love cable patterns best as I do like a good old challenge. I have been so lucky to knit for my 3 altho it doesn't seem 'cool' now when they get past toddler stage to wear something knitted! Its amazing to see the rival knitting is having at the moment & the new unusual yarns are really tempting! I've got a red blanket on the go at the moment for my little one. He likes a character out of a book that has one! I once knit an eeyore from scratch for my daughter! that was fun! I remember making his mane out of black loops oh I'm waffling!!

Hope you like my little twinchie. Thanks for looking. Gez.


  1. how sweet is that tiny knitting :)

  2. Love the way the doodled border looks a bit like yarn and your tiny knitting is so cute!

  3. Oh wow Gez this is brill! Love the knitting and the doodling!(I'm a hopeless knitter, but sometimes I surprise myself) Followed your link over from my blog... you'll have to tell me how you do that...I've put in links from other posts back to mine...but haven't worked out how this one works yet, I quite often get them and wonder..how they do that!
    Have a good week-end I'm off to Cornwall for a few days


  4. Oh this is delightful Gez!!! I didn't know you were a knitter as well honey! I have to say that I love knitting cables too and its a shame that hand knits are so 'uncool' these days! XXX

  5. Gez this is fab,your knitting and needles are so cute! xx jo xx

  6. WOW gez what an absolutely billiant twinchie! I love the little bit of knitting and needles, it's fab! Many thanks for joining in the challenge again this week :)

  7. Gez, this is great!!

    I haven't done any knitting for years, but I love knitting cables. xx

  8. Knitting is exciting and cool again now that there are so many great yarns around ... will email Gez ... have a great Friday xx

  9. How fab! I love the little knitting! Thanks for taking part again this week xx

  10. I love your twinchie. What a good idea you had to make twinchies for the alphabet challenge - they will all look super together x


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