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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Alphabet Challenge

Yipee! I'm fairly early with this challenge!! not my usual last minute entry! This week we welcome the letter.....L.

My usual theme of twinchie as I am hoping to mount all 26 onto a canvas. I've taken a photo of all the alphabet twinchies I have made so far..... nearly half way woo hoo!! if I get to the end I will be sooooo pleased.

I decided to use love as my theme for L & of course my children came straight to mind. There is also another very subtle 'love' on my twinchie ~ any guesses? After I had made my 'love' twinchie I remembered our latch hook cushion I am making with one of my sons! I could have cut a corner off & made a sampler for my twinchie ~ arrh! I'm always the after thought girl!!!!

the story so far!.......

a couple of photos of 'another' project on the go! ....

.....latch hook cushion

I can't remember how old Ben was when we started making our random cushion! Hope we finish it before he's grown up!

Move over Janice another serial crafter here!!

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Another fabulous twinchie hun, don't they look brilliant all together, am looking forward to seeing them all mounted on a canvas, will be fab! Many thanks for joining in again this week :)

  2. Your twinchies are so special honey and they all look sooo well together.

    Ahhh i remember doing latchhook rugs with my Mum. they last forever afterwards. XXX

  3. Wow, beautiful twinchies Gez! Gorgeous work!!!

  4. L for LUSCIOUS and LOVELY!!

    Like your cushion Gez. I made a rug once, I really enjoyed doing it! Very therapeutic, but probably more of an autumn project as it gets very warm having it on your lap!

  5. oo Gez love the twinchie and one of my favourite crafts latchhook rug making. :)

  6. Ohhh your twinchies are looking wonderful.
    Love your proggy mat style cushion too. Or is it a clippy mat.... if I were a "good" Geordie I'd know the difference

  7. Lovely twinchie - they are all looking fab! Thanks for taking part again xx

  8. ha ha just seen this Gez. Yes, you are definitely a Serial Crafter, latch hooking doesn't appeal to me at all though, so you are welcome to that one. Your cushion will be a riot of colour, let us see when it is finished. X


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