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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A few birthday treats!

I've blogged some photos of one or two presents I received yesterday for my birthday. I will blog all my beautiful birthday cards I received from my very talented friends over on the Bubbly Funk forum later on in the week.

some beautiful flowers I received...

.....they smell absolutely gorgeous!!!

at last!!! .....freedom!

sometimes in an evening it can be difficult to
get on either the laptop or main computer
in our house but now........I can please

Just a few other little goodies to give you some idea of the size of my little Notepad!

The CD is by Kirsty Wiseman & its fantastic! I can't believe how much is on there for the money!

Now all I need is some 'me time' !!!!


  1. Ooooh Gezzy you lucky girl! What lovely flowers .... and your very own laptop! Enjoy!!!

  2. Ooohhhh you're soooo lucky!! How dinky is your notebook?

  3. Lucky girl!

    What about your 'other' present??? ;))

  4. Hi Gez, happy belated birthday. I wish I'd known I would love to have sent you something for your special day. Hope you are feeling better now, love Carolyn xx

  5. oh lucky you - the flowers look gorgeous xx

  6. Oooh, lovely birthday pressies - hope your flowers last for ages and your laptop gives you virtual freedom ;o)

  7. ohhh who's a lucky Gezzy then? Hope you had the bestest birthday hun - you deserve it

  8. Wow, what great presents. Hope you enjoyed your day. Lynne x

  9. Gez you did rather well,lovin your notebook and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous! glad you had a good day xx jo xx
    Gez hope the op went ok hugs xx

  10. oooo you lucky girlies!!! and its RED!!!!! Your flowers are beautiful sweetie and I am so glad that you had a good birthday XXX

  11. Happy birthday - what a fab present - i have exactly the same probs as we have only 1 pc connected to the net. I didnt know it was your bday or I would have sent you a card! Havent been on BF for a while as i cant remember my password! I changed loads of stuff when my email was hacked. Anyway have fun with your stash x


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