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Tuesday, 21 July 2009


To hold or contain something. Show us 'Receptacle' in you space.

I try & make my shots crafty if I can with it being a crafty blog! This is one very handy receptacle!! Just need hubby to eat a few more cakes than I can recylce another tub. I will get round to decorating the tub someday!

I took this photo .... 'off' auto ... woohoo! I'm so pleased with myself. Thank You for the great links last week.

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Ahh the joy of eating the items in the receptacle before re-cycling it into something crafty!!
    Love that idea :)

  2. How many pens have you got young lady?! ;))

  3. er...... moi???

    .............not enough!!!! rofl..xx

  4. Very nice receptacle. Love all the colours of the pens!!

  5. The things we have to do for our crafting Gez. Eating cakes so we can use the container to store pens. lol


  6. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog ! We are all well and my whole family says hi and thank you for your support :D We are now resting and preparing for tomorrows stage. We go to bed at 20:00 to be able to get up at 4 and to be "fresh" enough to walk our walk :)


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