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Friday, 28 August 2009

Learn Something New

I'm so looking forward to taking part in Shimelle's Learn Something New online class. I took part last year but didn't blog an awful lot as I was new to blogging! I've decided to write a journal everyday & use that to then make into my pages to go into my book. So if I fall behind I will have my daily notes!

......front cover

My book is 6x6 & I've run my covers through the Bind It All but I'm using book rings so I can easily get my pages in & out. I am aware my book might get too thick for binding in the end but I can always run some ribbon through the holes!

I'm going for a natural feel to my book this year. I wasted lots of time last year trying to create the 'perfect' scrap page everyday & easily fell behind as life was just too busy! I've doodled around the edges of a couple of pages but I think I might change my mind! I was just too eager to make a start I think. Will see what the prompt looks like on the 1st day & then decided.

It would be great to have someone to go along with on Shimelle's journey! Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Lovely book, Gez. Good luck with your quest - after my desperate showing with the 52Q I'm not even thinking about this one!

  2. hehe! thats a shame Kathy.xx

  3. what a lovely book gez,i like the doodling round the edges of the pages :)

  4. Hi Gez,
    I like the idea of keeping a journal and your covers are great. I wish you thebest in your quest to keep it up to date.
    Fiona x

  5. Good Luck Gez.....I never even made it through the 31 days of December..but thats cool I am more chilled about it this time!!
    I don't think I would dare attempt a whole year though!!

  6. ooo good luck Gez!!! I may join you as I loved doing the Christmas one XXX

  7. Hi there, just dropped by from Shimelle's :-) Love your album, can't wait to see how you fill it! I'm going with the journal/notebook alongside the scrapping, so - ditto - if I do fall behind I can catch up later! See you in class ;-)

  8. what a gorgeous book Gez - love that doodling - have a fab weekend girlie xx

  9. That looks lovely, but I'm with Kathy!!

    Looking forward to seeing it develop.

  10. Brilliant Gez, love the idea that you can keep adding to it - thats the only drawback with the BIA isnt it. Looking forward to seeing what you put in it! x

  11. ooo Gez I love the doodling round each page edge with the day written in it. Great. :)


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