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Monday, 24 August 2009

Missing HS:MS:HS !!!

Its been a long, dry summer with no HS:MS:HS to play! :( Roll on September!

I'm really quite happy with this shot. I know its only some wild berries but I had great fun getting a shot a liked...... I'm easily entertained! believe me!! So, here's what I found in My Space today....

The English bilberry;
-- so called because it grows on moors among the whins, or furze.

... whinberries

........ unwashed. Click to enlarge
tho I don't know why anyone would want to!!

Here's the guy who helped picked them with his purple thumb to prove it! Decided not to blog Tom!! & his purple mouth/face! hehe... Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Fab photos Gez. I'm liking the size gauge that has sneaked in at the back!!!

  2. Awe these look delicious!!! We don't have bilberries down here...well I have never seen them. XXX

  3. They look yummy. I have two girlies here who would love those!

    Is the purple thumb still there? Makes him sound like a secret agent.

  4. I didn't even know what winberries where so I had to google it...had never heard of them!!

    Fab shot!


  5. Mmm, they look lovely - what are you making with them? My hands look like that when I've been stamping :haha:

  6. ohhhhhh Bilberries are my absolute favourite, but impossible to get hold of around here. I'm off on a trip down memory lane to Sunday lunch at my Grandma's house with bilberry pie for pudding....

  7. Aah! Whinberries! My DH loved the pies you could buy from Accy town centre when we lived there...they were scrummy........don't see them in the deep south where we live now!!

  8. Oh I remember bilberry tart and custard as a child for sunday pudding. Blue lips and tongue for the rest of the day!
    Sue x


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