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Monday, 21 September 2009

Learn Something New Everyday

Day 20.

Today I learnt we shouldn't take for granted what's on our doorstep!

the world's largest pear drop...if you look closey at the bottom of the picture you can see normal sized sweets!

Mmmmm...... I can still smell them cooking! I spent a lovely afternoon with my family yesterday at a local sweet factory called Stockley's Sweets. I've grown up eating & playing within the mill grounds where Stockley's is based now part of Ossy Mills so it's something we take for granted but you can't beat the smell coming from the big chimney that fills the air. I thought this picture would be a lovely reminder of a nice afternoon out.


  1. oh this is so nice.. Its lovely when you make something that means something. I know exactly how you feel about taking things for granted. I was telling another blogger how I take the ocean for granted every day. I live right across the road from the beach and some days I don't even look at it...


  2. Cute card Gez....mmmmm I can just smell the aroma of all that sugaariness

  3. YOu're right you can never have too many pear drops I love em!!

    Fab page again Gez.

  4. WOW just think how big your mouth would have to be to suck this one!!!!! XXX

  5. Wow that is one big sweetie. I always found they made the roof of my mouth sore - never stopped me from eating them though! Great LO

  6. Love the way you pulled out the "candy colours" from the photo - fab page! Hmmm, is that acetone I smell? :haha:

  7. bet thats a good smell gez:)

  8. Hi Gez,
    How could you resist all those sweets? You're right of course about taking things for granted. We live in glorious open countryside and we never give it a second thought.
    Fiona x

  9. Great page Gez. Love that pear drop photo!

  10. What a lovely picture to choose. Ooohh I haven't had any pear drops for years and years - bring back memories x

  11. hahaha would take some time to eat that one. :)


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