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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Learn Something New Everyday

Day 7.

Monday. A roller coaster of emotions sort of day today! I have eagerly awaited today, 1st day of school....only to find I was worried whether my babies would survive the day out there in the big wide world?

They were fine, they had fun!

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. AWE sweetie....its always hard on Mums while the kids seem to have a whale of a time on their first day!!! XXX

  2. Hi Gez,
    Isn't if funny that no matter how much we worry about the kids they always get through as though there was never likely to be any problem. My boys are in their late 30s and I still worry about them.
    Life eh!!
    Fiona x

  3. Aww so sweet memories lovely kids

    Liz xx

  4. You are not alone Gez and my kids are older! haha

    Great one to document though.



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