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Friday, 4 September 2009

Learn Something New

Day 3 of Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday class. Gasp.... I'm still on track! Here is my.....

Day 3.

I learnt/learned? 2 things today! (yesterday now!)

1) Not too stop in just because its raining! (We did today, although very wise I think!) We had a day in Blackpool planned but knowing what its like on a windy day at the coast we decided otherwise. I've been in Blackpool & felt unable to breathe because of the wind, not nice & not fair on my 2yr old, so we stayed home. :( & caught cabin fever! I felt so inspired by this photo of a sunflower in the garden & looked at it standing proudly against a threatening sky, defying adversity (the fact that we planted it there & it doesn't have any choice!) but the fact that its going to flower brightly & face whatever elements are thrown at it & so tomorrow (today now!) we are going on a 2 hour train journey to York whatever the weather!

2) lesson 2......... don't decide to stamp on a finished layout at the last minute because if it doesn't stamp properly (because of the layers above it!!) its going to spoil the layout! mmmm.... silly man!

So we are going to go out on today whatever the weather & be happy. :-) Hope everyone has a lovely day. Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. hope the weather is kind and you ahve a fab day

  2. Hi Gez Hope you all have a good day and the weather holds!

    LSNE - I have learnt I don't have enough ME time!! LOL Lynne xx

  3. Gosh that was quick!!! I am still thinking about this one XXX

  4. Love this LO! The sunflower picture is great, I do love a threatening sky for adding a bit of drama. ;-)

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments.xx It rained ALL day in York today. :(

    Thanks for your good wishes.xx :D

  6. The 'man' looks great, kind of grungy. Lovely page there, good to hear about your fighting spirit!

  7. Great layout, love the contrast of the sunflower with the sky! I think the stamping is fine, I like things that aren't perfect (like me!). Hannah x

  8. I second what Janice has said - I thought it was meant to look like that hahaha!

    Great words of wisdom about your sunflower and it made me think about a few things too.

    thanks Gez x x x


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