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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Learn Something New

My learn something new for day 4.... I had my 1st Starbucks coffee in York yesterday! ooooooh it was sooooooo delicious. :-) mmmmmmm......

.... Day 4.

Things I learnt yesterday!

1) I don't like/want to sing in the rain! Glad we went to York yesterday but it did rain all day & it rather damped everyone spirits after 4 hours in the rain. :(
2) Not to wear new trainers for the 1st time on a 12 hour outing!! ouch!
3) Its impossible to get everyone to smile all at the same time no matter how many photos we take!
4) A 2 hours train journey is just about long enough for a toddler.
5) Take at least 3 nappies!
6) I feel so refreshed for leaving all my troubles behind & forgetting about all my worries for the day. Note to self..... get out of town more often...

Hope everyone had a lovely yesterday & even nicer today! Something else I've learnt. I need to write on my hand what day it is in September because blogging about yesterday, tomorrow & thinking about today for tomorrow has left me rather confuzled!

The vintage Tim Holtz journaling ticket is from the Craft Den. Thanks for looking Gez.xx


  1. Loving the journal page Gez, the distressing looks fab on everything. What a lot you learnt yesterday!!!

  2. So funny Gez, pity you couldn't journal all the things you learned on your day out because they made me smile, maybe a little tag or hidden thingie?

  3. Gez it is Saturday today lol.

    Love the page great ephemera going on there.

    Glad you enjoyed your day "out of town"


  4. I know exactly how you feel......yup should get out more often!!
    .....Today I leant that you need a mortgage to buy a Starbucks Coffee!!lol!!

  5. i love costa coffee, latte with soya milk all the way - rocks :) -
    thats my treat and perks my mood up esp when i need it :) xxx

  6. Such a lot of wisdom there, Gez! x

  7. Hi Gez,
    Nice to know that even if it was raining outside it was not raining inside you. Your thoughts for the day are so familiar and you sound so content despite some of the "downs".
    Fiona x

  8. I love this!! It reminded me of Seattle...I wonder why??

  9. Oh, i know what you mean, Starbucks is the best! (I still remember my first sip when i was in NY (USA) year and years ago! And now i have a Starbucks nearby in Utrecht (the Netherlands!) How fab is that!
    Great entry, btw!


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