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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Learn Something New Everyday

Day 30.

Wooooooohoooooooo...........! I made it!!!! That was sooooooooo much fun! hehe.....

Goodness me! when I look back & think about the journey I have made through the month, the tears, laughter, excitment & worry! Wow........

I've tried to include an inspirational quote or message each day for my 3 to read when they are older & perhaps think about..... but I've also included hidden journalling to explain the pages too.


I am really going to miss this class & the friends I have made along the way.... & the emails dropping in my inbox every morning! It's been so much fun. :-D

Thank You to all the lovely people who have supported me along the way whether you realise it or not! by visiting my blog & finding the time to leave a comment.xx

I have made a little slide show (please see my left hand side bar).

I've had some lovely offers of new projects too....Thank You.xx

Thanks for looking.



  1. You've done brilliantly! What a wonderful book you've made

  2. Well done Gez for keeping up to date, especially with the end of the month you've had!!

    The book looks fab and I love the photos and LO's. Also that you kept some to yourself and not blogged. It will be lovely to look back on.

  3. You have made a really lovely book which will be passed down in the future. When they are older your kids will love reading it, especially Tom who has featured so much. Well done!!! XXX

  4. Gez, congratulations on completing the whole month. Such an achievement and to do it with such flair and style too.


  5. well done gez for getting through the month you've had to deal with, a beautiful keepsake for years to come. xxx

  6. You've done a fantastic job every day and you've had a lot else on your plate so double well done for keeping up with it! What a lovely book to look back on :o)

  7. Hi Gez,
    Good job well done. I missed yesterday (bad day after Physio) but caught up today. I have really enjoyed the last month looking at your daily thoughts and will miss them. What a keepsake to have for the kids later in life.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with now.
    Fiona x

  8. Well done Gez on a superb book. Glad you stuck with it. x x


  9. It's been such a pleasure to share your journey Gez. Thanks XXX

  10. I've so enjoyed sharing in this project by visiting and marvelling at all your crafting - you certainly did so well to get it all done - brilliant x

  11. Loved looking at your months journey....well done in finishing your lovely book.....I know I never would have!!! LOL

  12. loved following your month's journey, you did a wonderful book GEZ!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh well done Gez!
    I've been and had a look at the LSNE site and wow what a brilliant project.
    Your book is fabtastic and a great achievement, go you!!


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