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Friday, 23 October 2009

My Sincere Apologies...xx

I am currently having problems receiving emails. My email address is a domain & the company that collect my emails & send them on to me is having problems & haven't sent me emails for 2 days now. DH contacted them this afternoon & briefy saw our mails for the past 2 days but later on this evening when he called back to try & collect them he found they have disappeared. :( We are hoping the company can retreive them for us.

I want to apologise to everyone that has emailed me since Wednesday. I don't want you to think I'm too busy too reply because it's just not the case. I just haven't received any emails. :(

Please accept my apologies.


  1. oh how annoying for you Gez, hope you get it sorted out soon. X

  2. HUGS to you ... hope you get it sorted ... dont get stressed ... take a chill pill !!! everybody knows you wouldn't ignore them (intentionally) LOL !!!!

  3. Awww, nightmare! Don't you just hate it when the technology goes to pot? Hope it gets sorted soon!

  4. Technology is wonderful when it works, but very stressing when it acts up!! lol We all know you would not ignore us Gez. Love Lynne xx

  5. Thank You for your lovely comments & for being so understanding.XXX

    I will be especially sad not to receive an email from Gothic Arches tomorrow. :( Hope we can get our emails back soon. DH is planning to move to another server when all this gets sorted.


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