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Sunday, 8 November 2009


Oooh I have been so lucky these past few weeks to have been given some beautiful awards. It's time I put them on my blog as I don't want anyone thinking I am ungrateful. It's just life ain't being right fair to me at the moment!

My DD ended up in hospital with Swine Flu & was so poorly I daren't think about it. Then my hubby caught it weeks later not from DD she wasn't contagious > by this time. Luckily, he wasn't half as poorly as DD but even so to watch this virus bring a grown man down was scary to watch. He still has a cough weeks later. It seems to be the chest infection that follows the fever that is the troublesome bit.

Just under 2 weeks ago my father was rushed into hospital & unfortunately, had part of his right foot amputated due to gangrene & so the daily hospital trips began & cleaning his house, my mum passed away suddenly last year so that only leaves me now. Big responsibility, am I ready for this? Any hoo.....

To help brighten my days & without these lovely crafter's realising they sent me some beautiful awards. I really, really appreciate everyone's comments & thank you to everyone who is following my blog.... that really makes me smile. I am very, very lucky to be surrounded by so many talented, kind & thoughtful crafters. Gez.xx

My 1st award I received weeks ago from a crafter I respect & admire & still can't believe she sent it too me is from Creations-Blog.

This is just so beautiful! Oooh, Thank You

Adele .XXX I still need to reply to your email honey. I haven't forgotten. :-)


I also received an Award not so long ago from an inspirational crafter that has kept me going with my crafting in more ways than one. This lovely award is from Lil Daffodil. Thank You Fiona.xx Hope you get your new stamps soon from your DIL.


Another, clever, inspirational crafter who has given me an Award is Lyn at Spyder's Corner. Hope your dog sitting comes to an end soon & you can get back to your craft room Lyn.xx


Oooh.... I hope I haven't forgotten to include any awards I've been sent. Give me a poke if I have, it's not intentional. I will add these gorgeous awards to my sidebar with links to these inspirational blogs. Feel free to pop by, say Hi & see for yourself these crafter's all deserve their awards alot more than me!

I'm really sorry for not blog hopping as much as I would like too just lately. It's not that I don't care...sometimes I pop over for a looksee & think I'll comment later & then something else happens & I lose my day some how. I will get around to passing on these awards later in the week. Thanks for looking & for everyone's support.



  1. Aw honey what wonderful awards and you truly deserve each and every one of them :) xxxxx

  2. Hi Gez,
    Well done - if this was the Oscars you would have swept the boards. Just shows how much you are appreciated out there.
    Fiona x

  3. Thank You Fiona & Deanne.xx

  4. Something else for you on my blog sweetie.

  5. Awe you deserve all of those too XXX

  6. These awards are thoroughly deserved Gez you are one talented lady and a wonderful person.

    x x x


    ps I love Ben's countdown clock ;)

  7. Yeah! Glad you liked Ben's clock Tracey! He's been driving me mad..wanting to know..how long till Christmas. We had a talk & he has agreed to get up at 7am so that is the time the countdown is set for! Yeah, right we'll see if he lasts till 7am!! hehe...xx

    Thank you for everyone's lovely comments. Gez.xx

  8. It's definately more tiring looking after those you love who are ill than being ill yourself (years of experience speaking here!) Keep smiling and creating when you can.

  9. hi babe you deserve all these awards can you pop over to mine as i have something for you too hgus cheryl xxxxx

  10. Just shows how much you are appreciated out there. Work from home India


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