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Friday, 13 November 2009


Oooh, I have been so lucky to receive another couple of awards this week. A special Thank You to Cheryl for this one. I love to visit Cheryl's blog & see her wonderful creations. Thank You for this award Cheryl & for making my trip around Blogland a more pleasant one.xx

I got a lovely surprise earlier on in the week from another gifted crafter Net. This gorgeous award. Net has a lot to answer for!! (er...... introducing me to Copics!) & her blog is always a great source of inspiration. Thank You Net for thinking of me. This award is super.

Now just to think of some answers to a few questions so here goes!

1. Where is your cell phone? not got a clue until it rings or beeps & then it's a mad scrabble to find it!

2. Your hair? hard work! mousey brown :-( ....... which I try & hide!

3. Your mother? gone to the stars ........ so we tell Tom & we talk to her everyday. :-)

4. Your father? in hospital :-(

5. Your favourite food? got to be Singapore fried rice

6. Your dream last night? I'm never in bed longer enough to hit REM sleep so no dreams for me although I do suffer from night terrors & quite often jump out of bed!

7. Your favourite drink? strawberry milkshake

8. Your dream/goal? to see my children grow into happy, healthy adults that can change a plug & make pastry. My dream was always to go to Everest base camp. :-) I know it's supposed to be a toilet but hey to say you've stood there & looked at Everest sounds awesome to me. :-D I suppose in a way I've had my dream... my 3 children & to stand inside the Eiger, Switzerland. :-D (If you look carefully at the photo in the link you can see a large area of snow fairly near the top, well, just there are glass windows that you can look out of! & where Clint Eastwood was in???? a film called The Eigar Sanction - I think!) I'm waffling - sorry! Just noticed in the link the photo of the 3 mountains in the photograph at the bottom of the page I'm tempted to tell you some more waffle but that little voice in my head is telling me to shut up!!!!

9. What room are you in? Lounge

10. Your hobby? all things crafty.... being a Gemini I love to try new things.

11. Your fear? worms! (quite often the reason I jump out of bed in the night...thinking the duvet is turf & I'm underneath it! oh & bees....for the same reason!

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? by the sea would be lovely :-)

13. Where were you last night? home as I was too ill to visit my father in hospital

14. Something that you aren't? thin :-( ...... my baby fat won't shift!

15. Muffins? blueberry yum!

16. Wish list item? bigger house

17. Where did you grow up? Accy

18. Last thing you did? made a Star Book (to be blogged when I get decent light tomorrow!)

19. What are you wearing? oooh, the temptation to say some silly answers!!! ...... house clothes

20. Your TV? aggrivates me. I wouldn't own one if I lived alone.

21. Your pets? one very old bordie collie nearly 17 next March called Glenn & one goldfish. We have the odd stray cat that visits us which is lovely. We've had gerbils & hamsters in the past but I always end up cleaning the cage so I'm having a break!

22. Friends? I've met some wonderful people in Blogland & on the Bubbly Funk forum. I've had a difficult two years & these wonderful crafters have carried me through my grief probably without realising half the time. THANK YOU.XXXX

23. Your life? a learning curve full of adventure

24. Your mood? being a Gemini it changes every few minutes!

25. Missing someone? my very special mum

26. Vehicle? Blue Silvercross sleepover pram £550.... I wouldn't have been able to afford it without the help of my mum sadly she only ever pushed it once when she was in remission from cancer. It kept her going & she would say I have to walk again to the nurses I've got some pram pushing to do. :-)

27. Something you're not wearing? earings

28. Your favourite store? how can I choose just one? can it not be stores?? if so I would choose Oswaldtwisle Mills, Stockleys Sweets, Early Learning Centre, Mothercare & not forgetting Subway - yum!

29. Your favourite colour? lilac (hence, my very gorgeous blog header designed by my talented DD.)

30. When was the last time you laughed? today

31. Last time you cried? today

32. Your best friend? Tom

33. One place that I go over and over? school!

34. Facebook? nope

35. Favourite place to eat? The Hapton Inn.

Phew! done! one question Net how can you not wear socks. You're making me freeze just thinking about it! Hope you like my answers.

Think I should pass this one on now before I forget! & I hope everyone has time to play along. Kaz...just copy & paste ;-)

I'm passing this award on to......

Janice at Serial Crafter
Deanne atQuirky Boots
Karen at Karen's Carry Ons
Kaz at Slightly Wonky Crafts
Tracey at Searching my art
Carol at Krafty Pieces

I really hope to pass all the other awards I been kindly given on in the next couple of days. Thank You to everyone for taking the time to visit my blog & for finding the time to leave a comment.

Wishing everyone a super weekend. Gez.xx


  1. OOOO Thanks Gez for my award (only the second one I have won). I'll answer the questions later thanks.

    Your answers did make me smile.


  2. Thanks for sharing....hey the Eiger is awsome really really! Did not make it up the mountain as DH had vertigo at the time!! Just to stand at the Kleine Sheidegge where the restuarant is and look up was something we will never forget....whats's more it is pretty and very clean something Everest base camp is not. There is also the Clint Eastwoody thingy :) dream on girl!

  3. Thanks for the award, always proud to be 'over the top'! Will answer your questions tomorrow.


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