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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sneak peak & a question!

Wanted to share a sneak peak with you! It's my 1st attempt at gungepaper roses! I don't have a sizzix or cutting machine but made a template by hand & worked from that. Ooooh, my fingers are soooo inky today! hehe.

sneak peak!

I'm still on daily hospital visiting duties & can't see things changing much over the next few weeks. Not much sign of Christmas around here at the mo & no time for crafting or blogging or visiting my fabby Bubblie friends or blog hopping :-( but you are all in my thoughts. I'm dashing off to the hospital now but wanted to show you my roses! I've got my new challenge ready for Something Completely Different tomorrow so that's why I'm here.

Look what I picked up in town this morning from a charity shop for £2! I loves 'em. :-D

I've placed a little ink pad next to them so you can see how big they are...I don't know anything about them, where they were made or anything. Would be lovely if you could tell me something about them. Awe, they've put a smile on my face. I'm having problems with my dad's bank & finding him somewhere to live besides. I've been given a lot of wrong info & spent over an hour making phone calls. :-( why can't some people do their job properly...ooh, I'm turning into a moaner on my blog!!

(a close up! you can see they are glazed. Do you think I should name them! They need a wash me thinks! I think I've got a bargin tho. Not sure what DH will say...well, I do actually....not more junk!) Just wondering do you think I should paint the wooden case?

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hopefully, I can upload my tags over the weekend. Hope everyone's preparations for Christmas are going well. Gez.xx


  1. Hi Gez,
    I love those roses. You have made a fabulous job of making them. By the way it's snowing in Kinross as I type - Christmas has come.
    Fiona x

  2. What a bargain find Gez. Sorry I can't help you on who made the owls though.


  3. ooooh those roses are beautiful :) and i adore those owls :) and you defo give um a scrub and shabby chic up that there cabinet there in :) hehehehe gorgeous x

  4. The roses are fab Gez!! What a lovely charity find xx Can't wait to see what u do with them xx Hope you Dad is well on the mend xx

  5. Beautiful roses. Love your find. Take care. aNesha

  6. Adore the roses...I think they look much more realistic having used a handmade template.
    Don't know whoooo! made the owls but what a find. I get the feeling I've seen some like it before somewhere.
    xoxo TTFN

  7. OMGOODNESS Gez...those roses are fantastically realistic!!! Well done you...you should be dead chuffed with those!

    I recognise those owls I think. There was a pottery near here that used to make owls similar, if not the same. to those. Wouldn't it be lovely if they were Cornish owls????

    Definitely tart up the unit & I would put their names under them as well hahahaha

    HUGS for you my darling XXX

  8. love the roses so shunkly. croco paint the owl stand they are cute. sorry to hear your dads unwell, hope things improve soon x sue x

  9. *love* the flowers and *love* the owls :-) Glad they made you smile in the midst of your difficulties and pressures x

  10. wow realy love your flowers they are just stuning so beautifully made too,and those owls are just adorable love them hugs cheryl xx

  11. Your roses are awsome such talent.I love your owls I have a thing about owls at the moment and have a number of owl stamps. I would definitely paint the wooden case, if you get time Lynne at Craft Den has some lovely Vivo paints which would be ideal.
    Pat xx

  12. wow I love those flowers ez and those ownls are so cute Chiz x

  13. WOWSA... your roses are fandabydozy Gez!! I've not had a paper play for ages but they look really fun and so beautiful too.

    Hey what a bargain with your wee owls me love... they is gorgeous and so cute.

    Hope your Dad is feeling a little better and hope you get things sorted out soon hun

    Chris xx

  14. Gez - those roses are gorgeous - really love the colours - well done you xx

    Those owls are so sweet! no idea who made them etc tho...

    Hope you get things sorted with your Dad xx

  15. Those roses are fabaroo. And what a good find from the charity shop - glad they brightened your day. So difficult to have everything to deal with as well as the hospital visit and all the emotional strain - continuing to remember you x


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