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Monday, 1 February 2010

2010 365 Art journal calendar challenge

I've done it!! Well, January anyway. :-) I have really enjoyed having a little doodle at the end of the day! My hardest job seems to be finding that some where safe place to keep my pages as I need to keep them handy & have nearly lost them a couple of times!

I've found a plastic wallet to keep them in so I might just pin it to the notice board in my craft room ~coughs~ kitchen!! ....... I use the same room for cooking in occasionally...hehe!!

January 2010

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I am like Kathryn & want to keep on stroking my pages. What a month...wow! it's great looking back. :-) I am trying to keep my journal positive & relevant to family life. I hope my family & friends enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it!


I am already for the 1st February with my next 2 pages & can see a pattern starting to emerge already...... inky swooshed background, swirly border, cute relevant image for the month but being a Gemini my other twin could decide something completely different for March!!

February journal pages.

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I know, I know.... I said I was going to keep the winter months blue & hot up for summer & go orangey for autumn & probably still will but not another month of cold blue with snow blobs everywhere! too miserable by far!!

My two little boys both have birthdays this next week one day apart! so I am busy looking for presents, balloons & wrapping paper & can't help but feel the love at the moment in the card shops!! It's everywhere!! so I have decided to hot up my pages for the month of February & feel the love too! hehe...

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I just love this cute image from Funky kits & just know she will be featuring a lot right now in my creations. :-) I used Copic pens to colour her & Stickles on her wings. The word are computer generated & the lovely little quote down the side..... Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate! is by Sandra J Dykes.

Not quite sure why this last shot looks a totally different colour to the others! It was taken in sunshine in a different room so may be that's why!

Another cute image by Funky kits which has featured on a card further down my blog I have however swapped the star she is fishing for, for a heart that I have drawn & covered in Stickles.... took ages to dry!

click to enlarge.

January flew so quickly when I look back & look at my little squares. It's nice to think I've caught a snippet of daily life forever. February is always a busy month for us. My dad comes home from hospital tomorrow...he's been in since the 19th November :( then both my boys are celebrating their birthdays this week & before we know it, it'll be half term. I've heard things like can we go ice skating, cinema & swimming mentioned so hopefully I shall have another colourful month to look back on....just hope it doesn't go quite as quick!

I hope you have a lovely February whatever you have planned & if you are taking the 2010 365 Art journal calendar challenge I look forward to calling by your blog sometime this week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & thanks again if you get chance to leave a comment. Have a lovely week. Gez.xx


  1. Hi Gez,
    I love your February page. The pinks are stunning and the images are gorgeous. Look foward to your doodles.
    Fiona x

  2. Fabulous Gez, your finished January pages are stunning and I love the colour scheme for February. xx

  3. Wow that is great work....love the February pages :)

  4. Gez just love your January page's it will become such a fantastic keepsake!!! Can't wait to see the February page's finished although I already love it especially the lovely stamps and the quote about Choc!!! XX Hope everything goes well for your Father, Love to you all xxx

  5. Gez both pages are stunning. Why didn't I think about Valantine's day for Feb does that mean I am not romantic or maybe just too old.I love all your different swirls and the images are so cute.
    Good luck with your Dad I know what it is like I went through all this with mine when he was alive.
    Hugs Pat xx

  6. Wow Gez... Your January pages are fantastic and I love the colours in your February ones... very warm and romantic... Mines is finished as well and I just need to do photos... Hope the boys enjoy their birthdays.. how old are they? I have two on 14th April one year apart...NIGHTMARE!!!!...take care Kirsti xoxo

  7. oh gez thats beautiful :) i would keep stroking it too if it were mine :) gorgeous xxxxx cant wait to see feb finished too x
    hope the boys enjoy their bdays x

  8. Gorgeous pages, love the splashy background for Feb. My Feb pages are on my list of jobs today ;)
    Sounds like you have a busy, but fun filled Feb ahead of you

  9. Oh Gez.....both your pages are fabulous my lovely!!! Looking forward to seeing your Feb pages after reading about all the excitment you may have. HUGS XXX

  10. Your January page is just beautiful. Love all the background work with the swirls & stamps. Looking forward to seeing February page finished. It will be so good to look back on at the end of the year. Love Sandra x

  11. Hi Gez, took the link from Kate's to check out your pages... they're fabulous! I see that you won some sharpie pens from the Craft Stamper - lucky you! I love the bright colour for your Feb page... can't wait to se it filled in!

  12. Your calendar is very lovely! I have always wanted to create one of my own - although I think that if I do, I might have to make a perpetual book of pages, because I think that if I got to the end, it would do me in, lol! Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the remaining months unfold.

    Have a great day!


  13. gez,your jan pages are lovely and febs pages are shaping up nicely already :)

  14. I lurv January....(wish Ozzy Mills was here!) fantastic journal with your own personal touch......Feb looks like a great starting point for a luved up month :)

  15. I thought I had posted a comment but pressed the wrong button and it disappeared. haha

    Love your pages Gez. And I agreed that the pink pages are lovely if you would have waited until the weather warmed up you could have been waiting until August!! lol


  16. Its great to see what you have done with January - like all the doodling and added pics. Feb is looking great too. Good luck with the childrens birthdays have fun x

  17. LOVE your calendar pages :-) Your doodles in the quares for Jan are just fab. Congrats on winning the Sharpie pens (yeah, yeah, we like to read the small print!) Feb is looking great already. Kate x

  18. Gez what gorgeous pages - really love January's and Feb look great too...Happy birthday to the boys and hope this afternoon went well xx

  19. Beautiful work Gez, lovely!
    x Michelle

  20. So glad the journal gave you a bit of "me time" even on the difficult days Gez - your January pages look fantastic and I love your loved-up Feb spread, look forward to seeing it all filled in at the end of the month!

  21. Absolutely stunning!! Thanks for yet more inspiration!!

  22. These both look gorgeous and the images so sweet!

  23. These are such stunning pages, Gez - your crafting is so beautiful and gorgeous - and this is going to be such a lovely record to look back on and continue to enjoy x

  24. Your pages are stunning...an inspiration. I loved Reading about your family. Can't wait to see Feb x

  25. Oh dear this is just SO COOL. It looks superb and the thought of tiny journal-entries really speaks to me as i do not have large stories to share each day. It looks fantastic, your entries are just so pure ! You have just inspired me in a huge way, hun, thank you :D And thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, you are such a warm person xoxo

  26. WOWZA ~ that is SO RAWKIN KEWL! i love your calendar chickie and had to go and do a whole lotta reading...thanks for the original link..man..i would love to try something like this! beautiful work and all the doodlin and journalin..whoa! love it!

  27. Hi Gez, I think I will have square eyes by the time I catch up on my favourite blog's...It look's like I need a cuppa for your's, wow I really need to have a good look at this journal. The colour's for both month's are lovely, but I am glad you went for a warmer colour for Feb...it's just gorgeous and really bring's out the beautiful flourishes and images.
    You have made me want to do one now...mind you it wouldn't be a scratch on this.
    Well done and I hope you can keep it up, it will be a lovely keepsake for the future.

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