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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow, snow & more snow!

Over on Lynne's blog. Lynne asked what is the view like today? Here is a snap shot of my washing line from the kitchen window. Just look how much snow is on the shed roof!

Over on the Bubbly Funk forum this morning I was showing the Bubblies a photo of Tom's sandpit that I took today around 9am. The ruler shows falling snow measuring 4".

I've just taken another shot & the snow is almost at the top of my 6" ruler.

I've been ignoring requests to help build a new snowman for the last hour! but I'm not winning! hehe...

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Great pics Gez - I think you're going to need a longer ruler soon though!

    Good luck with the snowman building

  2. WOW that all looks glorious my lovely!!! We have had snow all morning but there is never enough settled to make a snowman :(

  3. OMG Gez, what alot of snow!!

  4. Oh Gez, that's loads. Take care in it xx Loks lovely though

  5. have you built that snowman yet LOL i didn't think to leave the ruler out there der!! our snow stopped falling about an hour ago!!

  6. Hope you don't get snowed in!!
    Thanks for taking the pictures! Big hugs Lynne xx

  7. oooo wow!!! We're just frosty and bright down here in Devon!
    Lesley x

  8. gosh thats worse than ours x sue x

  9. Brilliant idea measuring the snow fall. Hope your butterflies don't freeze they look abit cold there.

  10. Great idea with the ruler. Think you do need a bigger one. Hope you make that snowman. Blog him if you do. Love Sandra x

  11. Wow Gez what a lot of snow got a photo of that snowman? tee hee. With all that snow you could probably build an entire family.


  12. WOW! Gez, what a beautiful snow you have there. I'm so jealous, I don't know when I can see a real snow...lol.. Fantastic photos, I love them all. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. great photos....lol at the disappering ruler....good luck with the snowman


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