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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Taking action!

I'm getting just a little fed up now. :-( I keep getting anonymous comments being left on my blog that is clearly spam. I have followed Hazel's advice at My Crafty Outlook & have taken the step of not allowing anonymous comments to see if this stops it.

I have been taking some of my posts off my blog & putting them into draft but today they have started targetting different posts. I have even had links left to some unsavoury nude girlie websites? Why? do these people do this??? :-(

I'm really sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone genuine who wishes to comment who can't - it does still include open ID as well as google accounts, so like Hazel says I think most people will still be able to leave comments.

Thanking you for your blog support & taking the time to leave a comment. I can't believe the number of followers in my side bar. It's always a lovely surprise. :-D I quite often wonder my mum would think. :-) Thank You.XXX

Not sure when I'll be back blogging any crafting. Everything I touch seems to be going wrong at the moment. :-( Schools are shut today because of the snow & I've got a sick bug. Life eh!

Take care. Love Gez.xx


  1. Sorry to hear your getting these comments Gez, I don't know what they hope to achieve!

  2. Whatever is the matter with people?! Still no snow here as yet!

  3. Thank you for leaving comments. Glad to see it still seems to be working okay.xx

  4. Sorry you're having trouble with comments, I think some people are just sick. Snowed in here (we are around 1000' above see level), had 12" in the last 2 hours alone, still on the bright side, I can craft. Sorry you're not feeling too well.

  5. Some people are so sad that they have to conflict there misery on others... So not fair - I often wonder what they get out of it, that and those who spread computer virus, etc....Take care and hope you are better soon... Kirsti x

  6. Oh honey what a bl@@dy pain for you! I have only had one but I do tend to get them thru email so I know how frustrating it can be.

    I really hope that you feel better soon my lovely BIG HUGS XXX

  7. Hi Gez,

    I have had a load of those, but as I moderate all comments I just reject them and they seem to have given up now.

    I thought about not allowing anon posters, but some people don't have blogs or accounts which is why I didn't do that, though if it gets really annoying I will.

    Cazzy x

  8. Me again - switch on moderation Gez, you can see each reply and post or reject.

    I put a note saying I moderate comments so they won't appear right away.

    Cazzy x

  9. Good idea Cazzy. Thanks.xx

  10. Hi Gez,
    Sorry to hear it, I don't know why people are doing this. I thought it's only me having a problems about this. before x'mas i got 2 or 3 comments that was so bad then on x'mas day I was so excited because I saw 5 new on the resent comments. But when I open it, oh boy... I couldn't read it because it's different language so I deleted the 4 and left the other one and put it in draft. Since this people left the comments in my blog I got only 2 comments until now.
    And someone spread some virus in my pc, I almost lost everything it's good my hubby fixed it right away.

    I think I better go back to the email notifications.

  11. Awww hunny. I am so sorry. I know it's a pain to get those ridiculous comments, I get them to, sometimes. And I agree, why do they have to do that? UGH!!

  12. I do sympathise with you, Gez - it's a right pain x


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