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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Well, I've taken the plunge & decided to show you my Wednesday workdesk! I am a moblie crafter! & normally work in the kitchen. Here's what I've been up to this morning before I head out to the hospital. :-)

I've added a 2nd photo for the arrrh! factor. I'm crafting on top of the washer today!!

Thanks for looking. If you would like to join in 'What's on your Weds workdesk' pop over to Julia's blog to see what it's all about. Gez.xx


  1. Thanks for joining in and allowing us all to have a snoop. Mobile crafting has to keep you pretty organised so I guess it has advantages but do show and tell cos it's lovely to see whats going on in your world.
    A x

  2. Do you know what even though I have a craft room now I still venture into the kitchen at times!!!
    I love your mobile space Gez, you turn out such beauty with it :)

  3. Great that you've joined us Gez. Love that you craft in different spots - makes you know what you;ve got and where I bet..that's a skill. Love the look of the card you're working on...I can't work out the hwite and grey things in the container on the left...soap tabs?!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Gez I have about the same amount of space left on my desk this morning mine though is coz I never put "Stuff" away after using it ...shame on me !! lol
    I too am a big Tilda fan your card looks lovely I blogged a card last night using the same stamp
    Thanks for letting us rummage through your stash its been fun
    See you next week
    Hugs Susie xx

  5. I started in the kitchen but had to keep putting everything away now I make a mess of the frontroom instead. Hubby can't complain cos he makes his own mess!!

    Thanks for the snoop!

  6. The card's looking good what we can see of it :) I know what the white and grey things are - cut'n'dry foam ha! They are aren't they?
    Anne xx

  7. Hi Gez,
    I didn't realise that you didn't have a dedicated craftroom. Your output is so gorgeous. I have a dedicated room and you put me to shame.
    Fiona x

  8. I'm blushing Fiona. :-D Thank You for having a loooking & for all your lovely comments.xx & YES! you are right Anne tis cut & dry to the left. Oooh, I didn't know I had a fresh piece in there!lol..xx

  9. I think it is fab that you have joined in ... I can see I am going to love this mobile craft desk ... that card is beautiful ... love the colour ... don't forget ... same time same place next week ... but you may be in a different place ... how exciting :0)

  10. Hi Gez,

    Welcome to the challenge! I love your blog and it's so much fun seeing the cool things you have in your crafty mobile workspace! I remember visiting your blog before - I wanted to Follow but didn't see a spot for that! Oh well, I'll look forward to seeing you again next time!

    Come visit! :-)

    Ramona :-)

  11. Now that explains why you're able to make so much stuff despite having the busiest days of anyone I know!!


  12. WOW you craft on the washer??? I thought you had a cupboard sweetie! So how do you manage to produce such wonderful work when you are mobile? Shows JUTS HOW talented you are, HUGS XXX

  13. I've still got my cupboard Karen only everyone has piled it with their junk!! plus I got fed up of trailing up that 'wooden' hill!!

  14. I'm sure my husband would love it if I crafted over the washer, then I might learn how to use it when I watch him load it !!!! Loving the colours on the card on your "desk". Don't forget to show us were you are working next week! Hugs Pam

  15. My Gez you really are talented to be able to craft on the washing machine!!! lol Love the card colours are beautiful xx Hope Dad is OK xxx

  16. You have my total admiration to be able to craft on the hoof. I need to shut the door and forget the mess. Well done you! Great card I spy too!

  17. I want to know if the washing machine was on while you were crafting!

    Looks very organised though.

    Cazzy x

  18. Amazing what can be created by being mobile :)
    I dare not spill over into the kitchen...it's DH's domain he is the cooks and washes up as he goes type!!! Not like me and craft things LOL

  19. What a lot of stuff you have Gez. And seeing the washing machine is there you can multi-task too. :)

  20. Hehe Tracey! The washer belongs to DH. :-D

    Thank You for everyone's lovely comments.xx

  21. I've just said on another comment what a talented crafter you are - and what a resourceful one - crafting wherever you can (I almost have visions of you crafting as you go up the hill ... not with snow/ice on the ground, of course x


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