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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This is the 2nd time I have joined in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over at Julia's blog. I had so much fun last time visiting everyone's blogs & got such a warm welcome. It was lovely thank you. xx

Sorry I didn't get chance to play last week. My dad is due out of hospital next week & there is so much to get ready that it's not leaving much time for crafting at the moment.

Two weeks ago I was crafting on top of the washer! & no it wasn't on as someone enquired! cause I don't know how it works..... it belongs to DH! :-D

I'm working on the kitchen table this morning & I've got a little helper today! It's good having a daily art journal to work on because it means I make time to craft even if it's only for 10 mins! It is a faff having to get everything out & I am always losing things as I don't always put them back in the same place..... I lost some charms weeks ago & I am thinking of offering a reward! ;)

My kitchen table this morning!

(Tom had been playing with Tigger when I got the camera out & put him
on the table for his photo!)

I've decided to make a little handy sample book so I know what distress inks I have & it's an easy reference guide...

My little crafty friend. :-)

Tom has progressed (steered away!) from using the guillotine! to using my punches! That said my MS punch now has a new home!!!

I've a couple of other photos to share today. My daughter showed me a gift she received from a friend..... think I might have to nab it!!!!! The international gauge is mine of course!

My DD has loved Suzanne Woolcott's drawings long before they were ever made in to rubber stamp images & was thrilled to receive this print from her friend.

Just in case you were wondering ...... not! A very special crafting buddy Tracey asked me how our snowman was getting on......

This was him in all his glory!

& now!
(well, last week actually,
cause he's just got his accessories now!!)

If you are still awake by now!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog & if your are joining WOYWW I look forward to visiting you later tonight when everyone's in bed!

Have a lovely Wednesday. Hugs, Gez.xx


  1. Journals are great idea, to focus you for 10 mins if nothing else..

    your poor snowman...lol

  2. Its lovely to see you crafting honey! Such a shame that you have to put everything away inbetween tho....cuts down on playtime!!!

    hahahahaha at your snowman...he looks like he has had a good night out on the tiles!!!


  3. However mobile, I love your work area - looking very creative this morning. As is Tom, I must say...how great that he lets you craft jsut for the swap of a bit of scrap and a punch. My kinda craft buddy!

  4. hehe! you're right Julia. Tom is easily happy!! it's his older brother who wants my top shelf stuff! :D

  5. Those tags look fantastic I think I might get me distress inks out today now you have given me the inspiration
    LOL your snowman looked great ....now the poor thing looks like he's had a good night on the town great photos
    And a fab desk I have had fun having a rummage
    See you next week
    Hugs Susie xx

  6. Those tags look good enough to eat ... mind you so does your crafty friend ... what a little cutie :0) Great to see you again hun ... this is always so much fun X

  7. I've not really done much since last weeks WOYWW but it looks like a hoard of crafters has been at mine and we've had a crafty party! Now that sounds like a good idea!! Send the fellas down the pub or even better fishing for the week in France hehehee and have crafting parties - ACE!!!
    Sam x

  8. LMAO @ your snowman! Poor thing.
    Tom just gets cuter doesn't he? Those tags are fab, I want some! xxx

  9. Hi Gez,
    I never come to your blog and leave without a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing all this.
    Fiona x

  10. Love to see what you're using for crafing - pity you have to be mobile with it - lovely pic of your helper. As for the snowman, he had a good run for his money x

  11. tee hee Gez what a laugh I've had. That snow geezer is well and truly had it hasn't he? lol With such a forlorn expression and bulging eyes and dirty body - poor s*d - get DH to put him in his washing machine. :)

    Great idea about the tags - I'd like to see the sample book when it's finished too.

    Tom could become Britian's answer to Sir T!m in a few years time. You never know. He is very talented.

  12. Hi Ges...not seeing any of my table today, apart from the fact I can't seem to see my camera at the mo...my room is like a bomb hit it...why is it a 6 by 6 card can cause such a disaster...
    Love the idea with the tag's and fair play with DH and the washer...you got him trained well...
    Mine is the cook in our house.

    Ps I love the print....lucky girl..

  13. Love the print bet you daughter will treasure it!! Love your craft table today the tags look fab!! Hope everything is coming on for your dad leaving hospital, thats such good new Gez!! Love to you all xx

  14. Those tags are great and Tom is so adorable! Lol, what's left to say about the poor snowman? Looks like he could scare all the neighourhood kids!! Hope all goes well with your father.


  15. The tags on your desk look fantastic. Your little helper is cute. Have a good evening. Anesha

  16. Great idea to do the sample book, might have to nick that - the idea that is, not the book LOL. Love the card DD received. And your snowman was fab ;)
    Anne xx

  17. I love your tags too... I had to laugh at your poor snowman tho. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all tee hee.

    paula x x x

  18. Tags are great hon,but I think Tom may just beat you on the cuteness factor, great crafting well done Tom. I'm so pleased to hear the washing machine belongs to you DH just like I said last week mine would love for me to learn how it works; and as I said to him "why, it belongs to you and if I break it you won't be happy"!!! Hugs Pam

  19. Nice to have a bit more space than the washer, even if you do have to clear stuff away at the end! Tom looks like he enjoys his crafty sessions with mum - bless! Your poor snowman, that's just not dignified!

  20. Your tags and your little man are both fab!
    You make me want to do a little more with distress inks.

  21. Mobile crafting - now theres a great idea! As is your daily journal - may just have to start my own ;-)
    And those tags.........WOW - so much inspiration!
    And then theres your shrinking Snowman! LOL!

  22. Fabulous tags Gez! Tom looks a little cutie!! Good news about your Dad, hope all goes well.
    Love and hugs Lynne x

  23. Poor snowman. Love the workspace, looks quite tidy. Cute little helper. Love Sandra x

  24. I LOVED your BEFORE snowman - and great portable workspace! :-)


  25. Those distress tags look really great - hope to see the finished ones next week? What a brilliant snowman you all made too, although the after pic is just so sad .....


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