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Friday, 5 February 2010

Missing In Action!

I could be gone some time! .............................

If you haven't heard from me by Monday..... please text to see if I've eaten! rofl.....

After just finishing Ben's birthday cake last night.... We're doing it all over again today! My little, little man is 3 today. :-D

We've been building this train layout since we got back in from the school run this morning!! & we still have a bit to go.........

In the tradition of all great projects we are having a tea break right now er.... it's quite extended too! as we've been to find a colour photo on the net of what we can expect ....... hopefully before midnight tonight!!!!!

Oh the joys!!!! Beats going out to work any day!!!

I can only look longingly at my Copic pens while I look for the right size screw driver! & when all this is done......... I've a cake to decorate. :)

brb ............................. sometime!



  1. Hope you guys have a fabby day today and tea breaks are allowed...xoxo

  2. oh wow gez that looks fab x see u sometime soon xxx

  3. oh my goodyness! I want one, I'd be playing with that alllll day!!

  4. I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!!!! Can I be 3 again???? What a fantastic pressie for Tom!!! It certainly does beat going out to work honey...all good fun! Looking forward to seeing a piccy of his cake now. Don't forget to eat! HUGS XXX

  5. Grief that looks a mission - Happy Birthday to Tom and a belated Happy Birthday to Ben...hope the weekend goes ok.

    Been scrolling thro' your posts - those drawers look FAB! must keep my eyes out in some charity shops...xx

  6. Happy Birthday to Ben and Tom and hope you have a great time. I think you might need more than one tea break Gez! lol

  7. wow hun this looks amazing gosh brings back memories when my boy was tiny love cheryl xxxx

  8. I made a Farm for my girls when they were little, it 'grew' with them! A big board (fields etc, farm house, stable, pig sty) that wheeled under their bunk bed, it was brilliant, it would take hours just setting all the farm animals in their places and the tractors in the fields and all the farm workers working near to their animals (Shepherd to sheep etc) It would keep the girls quite for ages.. and then it was time to pack it all up and go to bed! Or in this case, wheel it back under the bed! aw....think I'll go and have a look for it, we still have it some where...but not under my bed! Just say the word...I'd make a good 'Fat Controller!'

  9. Oh my what a train set!

    Have you had an extension Gez?

    Hope your little man had a super time.

  10. a BIG happy birthday to ben! AND WOWZA...THAT'S IS ONE RAWKIN KEWL *TOY*!


  11. Wow what a lucky boy Tom is that train set up looks fantastic.


    Happy Birthday Tom x x

  12. Oh I remember those day's...all those toy's all over the house...These day's it's all that craft all over the house...lol.

    Your little man look's like he's having a whale of a time, what a fab train set...Happy Birthday Little Man....

    I am not up to date with the toy's of today, my two are in their teen's and it's clothes, car's and girl's...oh I wish they were little again...lol.



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