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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


It's Wednesday again! Sorry I didn't make it round to visit everyone's blogs over the weekend. Our internet has only just come back on about half an hour ago! Surprising how much you miss something when it isn't there! Of course being a last minute minnie at the mo I've been working on a little DT piece for this Friday so at least with not being able to use the computer this morning it gave me some crafty time. :)

(or should it be What's on my Washer this Weds!!)

click to enlarge.

A bit boring really but I can't show you any more! Sorry.xx

Oooh I'm just up dating this post to include my drawers! haha & something choccolatey. :)

I really should repaint these drawers..... I bought them years ago from a charity shop & they've been in my DD's bedroom until recently when I was lucky enough to be asked if I'd like them back! Yes please! Looks like I'm going to need some more Crackle paints. :-D

I'm proud of my 'little' drawers! hehe.....

Julia asked if we could include our drawers!!

& perhaps swing the camera around...

Guess what I spotted?

click to enlarge.

(Oh my word is this a good idea. There are going to be nosiy children everywhere when they've had some cake!!)

Sorry I haven't been able to blog hop for a while. I'm hoping to catch up with everyone tonight. Thank you to everyone who visited my WOYWW last week. I'm back on the washer today for some quick crafting while Baby Bright is on the telly!!

Take care if you've got ice today. It's very slippy here. Off out to school shortly to pick up my little big man who is 9 today! Birthday cake tonight...yum!

If you've get chance why not pop over to Julia's blog to find out all about WOYWW.

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Happy Birthday to Ben, I hope he has a lovely day.
    I shall look forward to seeing what you've been creating on Friday xx

  2. oh my i am loving those drawers :) (did you ever do anything with the owl cabinet!! lol)
    great space honey xxxx

  3. WOW!!! you spin your camera round and found a gorgeous looking cake...all I got was a cat hahaha!

    BIG happy birthdays to Ben...hope he saves me a piece!!!

    Awe can I be 2nd in the queue for those drawers??? They are fantastic...I love them as they are though.

    I spy a very large background stamp...whats on it honey???

    So glad you got your connection back, BIG HUGS XXX

  4. Have a great time celebrating with your son - I love my boys' birthdays - I get to spoil them individually.

    Your drawers are really sweet, love how you've stacked your stamp pads.


    Paula x x x

  5. Hi Gez,
    You put me to shame your desk is far tidier than mine and I don't have any chocolate lurking about.
    Fiona x

  6. Lurv your drawers if you'll pardon the expression!!! LOL They are an altered project in the making for sure...and the chocolate cake looks too scrummy by half!! I had the candy you sent me on Sunday as I've only just really got my taste buds back from this cold thingey!!!
    xoxo sweet friend

  7. ooh what a fabulous looking cake - you couldn't send some of it my way could you!!?

  8. Hope the little man enjoyed his cake Gez!! Love the picture of your craft space today it always makes me laugh to think of you crafting on it xx Hope you all have a lovely day xx

  9. Nice drawers Missus!

    Hope Ben's had a fab day.

  10. Happy Birthday to Ben. Love the draws. Anesha

  11. Happy Birthday to your DS - hope the cake didn't cause too much hyper behaviour! Fab little drawers (ooer) and your DI storage looks very neat!

  12. ntersting things going on atop the washer today! And as for that cake...you tease! Hope it's a great birthday. Nine. Ah, happy days! LOVE the drawers, amazing what people suddenly don't want anymore!

  13. Happy Birthday, Ben - hope he's had a good day and enjoyed that delicious, magnificent cake. Loved looking at your drawers! x

  14. Great cake Gez. I see you use every space in the house for crafting lol!

  15. Hope Ben had a lovely birthday that cakel looks so yummy. The drawers are cut and well organised so is your washer top. I love your music background stamp and the ATC if that is what it is going to be.
    Hope your Dad is settled in. Pat xx

  16. coming to you for cake then :) Tidy desk :)

  17. Love your draws..I haven't got any draws, just plastic bins... expect for a tin box of two draws I keep a few of my 6x6 in..they used to have chocolates in them...I thought at first your draws were huge draws but then I could see they were tiny little cute draws!!

  18. Hi Gez, it must keep you focussed when you work in a small area anyway ;) Chocolate cake eh? mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I enjoyed the show at Manchester - it's not the best of shows but it's still nice to check out the crafty stuff and I met up with a friend so we had a good natter :) We had a bit of a 'to-do' as we booked early we catering vouchers. They're not worth much really but before 11.30 you could get a cuppa and mini muffin at a reduced price. My friend had already had hers but joined me to chat. There weren't any muffins left so the guy on the till just said 'sorry no muffins left'. I wasn't too bothered really but you know it was the principle of the thing, so there were 4 of us carrying on so someone went to get the manager. When he came, not only could we have something else, such as a Danish pastry, but we only had to pay for a drink. I was well chuffed LOL

  19. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving all your lovely comments - It really makes my day!!

    Paula x x x

  20. Ben hope your birthday was swell. I bet that cake tasted good too. :)

    Happy Birthday x x

  21. Hope the Birthday boy had a fab day...
    Those are great drawer's...they will look fab after you do your magic on them.
    I want some TH cracle paint, I got some other brand from Hobbycraft and was really disappointed, it didn't work as well as I hoped.

    Fab cake...Mmmm


  22. Love all those distress inks, I've got a few and don't use them often enough! Happy belated birthday to you big and little men, hope you got that train "table" sorted out in time!



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