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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


It's Wednesday again! So it's time for What's on your workdesk Wednesday or in my case.....

Wednesday washer!

One of the reasons I craft on top of the washer is that certain little people in the house can't see what I'm up too & borrow 'things! see............. there is method in my madness!!

Have I got a surprise to share with you this morning on my washer! :-D ( see last photo)!!!

I don't have much time to craft at the moment with my father coming out of hospital we are trying to get in to a daily routine that fits us both! but I do like to take part in a challenge or two..... it keeps me sane!

Today I'm getting on with a card for a totally gorjuss challenge see post above this one with my finished card! Hopefully I will have managed to hide my wonky stitching by then!

I borrowed a sewing machine before Christmas & was so impressed with it I didn't want it to go but go it had too so imagine my surprise when hubby got me the same model but for some reason this new machine doesn't like stitching on paper?? or going in a straight line!!

Anne asked me last week if I had butties in the lunch box so I remembered to leave it open this week but I don't think the contents show up well. It's a lunchbox that I haven't got round to altering & holds Distress Ink pads..... unfortunately, none of the new colours as yet!

I've remembered to show my drawers this week altho I can't do a full swing!

Top drawer!

middle drawer!

Can't show what's in the bottom drawer just yet as it's a surprise for someone
so I decided to show you what's on top!

Last photo coming up!

Ta - da!



If you would like to know about these gorgeous parcels please see post below!

It feels like all my birthdays have come at once & Christmasses too!

If you would like to know more about WOYWW pop over to Julia's to find out all about it! I look forward to visiting your WOYWW soon. Thanks for looking. Love Gez.xx


  1. Love the cards you have made. It sounds like a busy time for you so it's amazing you have time for such gorgeous cards Gez. So glad you're having fun opening your parcels.
    A x

  2. OOoooh I'm taking it slowly Annie & savouring everyone! XXXX

  3. You do have a busy time it's a good thing you don't have to go out to work too. Your cards are always gorgeous, if only the weather would improve and then I could go down to CD and learn how to make these cards.
    I spotted something I really like it is the black and white "Home is where the Heart is" with the Paper Artsy stamps and love all the arrows. Pat xx

  4. Glad you can keep your craft going even when you are so busy with family. Its good to be crafty even if its only 20 minutes. I am sure its such a positive thing that it somehow re charges your batteries ready for all the other things you need to do. Have a good week and enjoy savouring each little parcel!

  5. Oh what exciting packages! And I love seeing your drawers (as well as the top of your washer) x

  6. Wow what a great prize :) BTW I asked if you had butties in your tin. Me = Anne, Wipso = Annie ;) Love the cards you've made, all gorgeous :)
    Anne xx

  7. I hope you have opened the parcels now cos I NEED to see what was inside!!!!!!! Mind you, they look too beautifully wrapped to open hon HUGS XXX

  8. I too spotted the Paper Artsy card and the huge tag on top of the drawers. Both look lovely.
    Those parcels look good too. Please show us what's inside.

  9. Oh gosh sorry Anne! I KNEW who I meant!!! the lovely lady with the cat rug! Think I NEED some more medication today!hehe.

    Oooh Thank you for spotting my little Atc for this months challenge over at The Artist Trading Club unfortunately, I've only had time to make the one! :(

  10. Gez ... sweetie ... don't blush about your washer ... I used to craft on a tray ... one day you will be old like me and the kids will be all growed up and then you get to spread a little more ... until then your art certainly does not suffer from the lack of space ... your cards are beautiful X

  11. Yep, beautiful cards, they're a testament to your crafting ability, even if your work surroundings are a bit compromised. Ooh, look at all those lovely parcels, have fun unwrapping!


  12. I thought you were kidding about the washer! What a great way to use space. I'd have never thought of that...really thinkin' outside the box. Cards are very pretty.

  13. I love the drawer unit you have with the coloured handles and love what is inside. Very nice cards and I am very excited for you unwrapping all those parcels. Enjoy! Tracey x

  14. Love your 'home is where the heart is'. and all your lovely cards! Just love those draws too!

  15. Don't blush about the washer top - it works and it lets you craft = perfect spot! LOVE your cards, and style generally, rummaging in your drawers has been lovely. Also delighted to share your glee at winning the Sisters Crafty Creations draw - enjoy!

  16. awww well done again Gez on winning the draw - haven't the crafty creative sisters done a lovely job on wrapping the stuff up - almost a shame to unwrap. I love your projects and it doesn't matter where you craft when you've got talent. Thanks for the look in your draws - I really enjoyed that!!!

    Hope you sort something out with your Dad soon and you soon have a routine that works for you all.

    Paula x x x

  17. ahh, i love you craft on the washer. can't beat that. The cards look amazing.

  18. No blushes needed, i think anyone would prefer whats on your washer than the usual clothes piles lol

    off now to nosey whats in the red wrapped packages, the suspence is killin me lol

    hugs minxy

  19. Hello Gez great desk this week and your cards WOW !! really lovely you got talent girl beautiful work
    See you next Wednesday
    Hugs Susie xx

  20. You have some lovely cards on display today Gez an you lucky thing all those parcels to open. Hugs Pam

  21. Wow Gez please please please blog what is in those intriguing and beautifully wrapped parcels. One very nosy Tracey here wanting to see. :)

  22. Lovely drawers and desk here! I can't be the only one who's dying to know about the parcels .....


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