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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal

I decided to take the plunge & have a go at art journaling. I had a little dabbled last year & whet my feet & started working on that again over the weekend. So imagine my delight in finding A Year in the Life of an Art Journal a couple of nights ago!

Prompt 1. What?

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Here is my 1st page of my Art Journal for 2010.

I've been wanting to have a go at art journaling for a couple of months now. Please be gentle with your comments as I haven't a clue if I've done this right? from what I can gather I don't think there is a right or wrong way to art journal. I haven't blog hopped too much as yet onto other blogs as I didn't want them to have any influences. iyswim.

Using prompt 1. I thought about What? .... is holding me back from my art? & then tried a technique I love! .... writing your thoughts & painting over them!

I didn't get it at 1st but I think it is something I could do daily. I like the idea of writing down true feelings & thoughts & if they are negative which mine normally are! by painting them 'out' these thoughts lose their power. It works for me!

I tried sticking chipboard letters to spell What? to my page & painting over them but when I removed them the paint had soaked underneath the letters d'oh! this technique didn't quite work but it was fun & messy!

My page looked a little bit boring (this is where I always go wrong..... I add something extra & ruin a project!) anyway, thinking my page looked a bit boring with just the word on I added a Tim Holtz clock stamp to the corner of my page & the word No.... as I have no time to craft at the present. I went around the edges of my page in lime green pastel a RAK from Suzie .... this girl has got me sorted! :)

I love the pink & lime together. I haven't tried this combo before but I really like it. Not to be stopped at my NO time message I added the word WISH because I really do WISH I had time for art. :) I really struggled to get a decent photo this morning. The lighting is terrible!

I have started this course late but it is running throughout the year & I am already looking forward to working on page 2. Hopefully, it won't be long before I catch up. :)

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. yeah i like that idea too hun love the technique hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. I love it Gez and keep doing what you are doing as it is your journal and it should be heartfelt. :)

    x x x x

  3. It's great Gez, you should have more confidence in your creativity. I've been thinking of journalling, but am too scared so I'll watch yours progress xx

  4. Oh Gez....this is just perfect because its heartfelt. You keep going my lovely HUGS XXX

  5. You are doing great so far... keep going and it will start to feel natural...xoxo

  6. It's true Gez there are no right and wrong ways in art journaling so your page is good just stick with it as it does get easier. You have got over the initial bit, you have covered a page.
    Pat xx

  7. Gez......my lovely. I haven't seen you for such a lonnnnnng time, but have been thinking of you. I agree with the hearfelt comments, they are coming straight from you and journalling them like this is so precious. You keep at it my lovely. Love your new look blog too. XXXX

  8. Sounds really interesting,love the piece of work "what" xx jo xx

  9. This looks like a lot of fun was had in the process. I think art journalling is about experimenting so "didn't work as expected" is every bit as great an outcome as "wow, just what I thought would happen!". Great start here!

  10. very nice :) I'm looking foward to seeing more .love the colors.

  11. Love your page Gez, the 'NO' is such a powerful statement, don't let anything stop you from making art and please keep sharing it as I really enjoy seeing it.

  12. Know what the BEST part about art journaling is? It's YOURS and no one else can tell you if you did it RIGHT or WRONG!! I love what you've done!! Thanks so much for linking in your comment so I could come see!! Welcome to A year in the life! I look forward to seeing more from you!

  13. This is brilliant Gez...I'm now itching to have a go. After seeing some amazing art yesterday, done by a lovely girl I used to 'nanny' and baby sit (she's now 17!) and being told that she got all her inspiration and ideas and the reason to do art from me (???) I suddenly thought, where's MY art. Portfolio's of old cartoon don't really count, this is ART, this is being creative!! I'm going to play now!!

    ps Yes! the next One Stitch challenge isn't until the 28th feb so you have plenty of time to add your card!! see you there

  14. I came over to say hi after the lovely comment you left on Wendy's stamp attic blog. And found this fab page! I love the freedom of it.

  15. Well i think your first page is brilliant.. love the techniques you have used. And I agree with other comments, there can be no right and wrong with art journaling. It's yours, that's the main thing!


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