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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

2nd Art Journal page

This is my 2nd art journal page & it was so much fun to get lost in it & covered in paint at the same time!

click to enlarge... & see my booboo :(

I briefly showed it on my WOYWW post below but decided it needed a post of it's own!

I was trying out different techniques but ran out of time before bed to get it finished & on Wednesday morning decided to get it finished!

I only had the girl to add to the page & then outlined her forgetting to make a shadow around her & promptly added one... wrong! my outline smudged & things sort of went from bad to worse & instead of walking away from it I ended up losing the background pattern around her. :(

Lesson learned!

The story behind my page is written on the reverse side of my page & is relevant to now.

I drew on different aspects from my life & they all came together in a page I am really happy with.... apart from the girl!

When I was a child there was a group of us who lived our summer holidays 'o'er wall' & 'on't wall' we were kings of the world! we ruled!! our wall was taller than us! & it was supposed to keep us away from some steam railway sidings & sheds...... right! you get the picture... we were all ages & sizes too!

These 3 in the picture are totally opposites to my 3. None of them look like these images & have certainly never spent any amount of time on any wall anywhere!............. shame!!!

My boys were grining away at the boys on the page! ... don't think DD was too impressed tho.. especially with all the pink thing going on, on the other image!

My 3 have all got their own 'hassles' going on right now..... whether it's a French oral exam, learning lines for a school play or not wanting to visit nursery!

I've also got a crafty friend with more of her fair share of hassle going on right now & I was telling her about my technique of breathing in postive things in my life & blowing away everything that is getting on my nerves. It works if you concentrate so that's the reason for my bubbles & the mantra on my page. :)

Around the edges we all wrote things that were 'bugging' us & then took great delight in crossing them out! I don't know if it's helped? but the French exam is over & so is the play as for visiting nursery mmm.................. time will tell.

Thanks for reading my post if you are still here. :) :)



  1. Hi Gez,
    Your musings facinate me. I have never journalled but your works kaes me think it might be worth a try.
    Fiona x

  2. Ooooh you must Fiona. :)

  3. OMG Gez this page is wonderful I just love it and the thought behind it is brilliant. I loved reading all your thoughts and analysis.
    Pat xx
    PS. I've got a lot of the new Stampotiques arriving tomorrow from the Stamp Attic, can't wait.

  4. LA LA LA I'm not listening!!!

    Hehe.... enjoy those stamps. :D
    Did you get the door & the puddychud? Two of my favourites. :)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with...xx

  5. wow Gez, this has turned out a treat. don't beat yourself up about something i couldn't even see. you should put that in a worry bubble and blow it away... don't be over critical about your own work...

    i love it and couldn't see what the boo boo was...

    Paula x x x

  6. Hi gez, lo e your page and the thinking behind it great that your helping the kids develop strategies for coping with what life throws at us love the idea of writing down and crossing out- brilliant
    x michelle

  7. So glad you posted it alone, it looks fabulous just love the images and the colours are gorgeous. I love the saying on the bottom, would'nt it be perfect if w could blow away all our problems!!! lol Love Chanelle xx

  8. Fantastic page Gez, love the use of the stamps and the background is fab. xx

  9. Looks great to me. I have enlarged it seems fine! Love this idea and it is another fab make. Look forward to seeing more pages!

  10. Looks great to me. I have enlarged it seems fine! Love this idea and it is another fab make. Look forward to seeing more pages!

  11. Love your journal page Gez and also your ideas of blowing away problems. I going to try that today

    Have a lovely weekend coming up ...

    Carolyn xoxoxo

  12. I can't see the mistake....but we can always see our own....don't worry looks great.
    Thanks for popping by and holding hands in cyber space

  13. well I can't see your mistake - I'm not being kind - I just can't! It looks great to me, very expressive. Like to read about how you get through things, my own personal mantra is "everything passes".

  14. Ooo I missed this earlier! Thanks for sharing the story it clarifies the page and makes it 3 dimentional for us viewers lol!
    Hope your three get through their challenges ok.
    Lesley x

  15. oooh WOW Gez what an amazing journal page and love all your musings too... totally brilliant...way to go gal.

    Chris xx

  16. Fabulous page Gez love the worries written down and then cossed out. Great. :)

  17. I was sure I'd left a comment...but either I didn't, or I didn't!!! It's been a long week!!! I just love this page, and I really NEED to start a collection of Stampotique stamps asap!!! xxx

  18. I love the story behind this Gez...what an amazing imagination you have, and it shows in your work...your an inspiration to us all....

  19. i love this gez and i love your truthful journalling xxx


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