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Saturday, 13 March 2010


I think my camera is broken. :( :( :( :( :(

The 1st photo is the lid of my heart shaped box & the 2nd photo is a card I've made today for a challenge.

Oh dear!

I haven't broken the news to DH yet either!

................... I could be gone some time. :(


  1. Poor you, hope you get a new one soon. Anesha

  2. Oh no!! I hope it turns out to be something tiny and simple and easily fixed x

  3. Oh no..what a shame honey!!! Saying that these photo's look like very clever digital artwork haha HUGS XXX

  4. Oh No. Hope you can get it mended or get a new one soon. Love Sandra x

  5. Oh dear Gez, this looks disasterous! Can't you use your phone camera? we can't wait too long to see more of your wonderful work. Love your trinchie. Does that mean it's three inches?
    x Michelle

  6. Oh dear Gez, hope you can get it repaired. Love Lynne xx

  7. Oh dear catastrophe, yes you could use your phone camera but it's not the same hope you manage to sort it soon. It's another of those things we feel lost without.
    Have a lovely Mother's Day.
    Hugs Pat xx

  8. oh hun poor you such a shame,cant you scan them unless they have lots of embellishments on,so sorry hun if i lived nearer you could have borrowed mine hugs cheryl xxxx

  9. Oh no!

    Fingers crossed its something simple to fix.

  10. As much as I love the arty result I hope it is something simple ....like pressing something that you shouldn't have. Hope hubby takes it well.

  11. Oh Gez what a shame about your camera. I was devasted when mine broke last year - but I got a new one from Argos - one of their cheaper digital ones, but it still works a treat. Good luck with hubby!

  12. Ooooh if you could recommend one Sherry? xx

  13. oh Gez - is it broken?? what a shame...OH bought me a Nikon D40 last year and I love it - I call it my "mini me" rofl xx

    Have a lovely day xx


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