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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

In Loving Memory.....

When I blogged my WOYWW HERE last week. Lots of lovely crafters asked if I would blog my finished altered heart box. I was in two minds........

(BEWARE! long rabbiting post!!)

It's almost two years ago this month that my mum passed away suddenly. My mum fought hard & battled cancer & was 3 months in remission....... we thought our prayers had been answered! Her youngest grandson was just 13 months old when she died a week after her grandaughter's 14th birthday.

It was, and still, is devasting. Every once in a while, I find myself saying something like, "I wish I could tell my Mum..........."

So, the idea of creating a place where me & the children can all keep our thoughts about my mum, write a letter to her, or just draw a picture came to mind after reading about a similar project in an Art Journaling book. I knew straight away I wanted to have a go at making a box.

I started out with a plain heart shaped box & had the idea of making a template so that I can cut some heart shape pages to go in side.

Then the fun bit! Getting messy!

I thought about my mum's favourite things & colours & I have tried to carry her love of nature & birds on to our memory box.

My mum was a keen bird watcher & one of her favourite birds was a robbin.

I can remember going somewhere not too long ago & feeling rather nervous when a little robin appeared on some grass & startled me at the time! My meeting went okay & I always wonder if it was something more than just a coincidence that the little robin appeared!

I cut some cardstock & inked around the edges & added ribbon tabs so the pages can easily be lifted out of the box.

The lid!

The chipboard birds & swirl came from Caroline's online shop Bubbly Funk. I have used Distress Inks on them & Rock Candy Stickles on the swirl. I have inked & stamped the same swirl as on my cardstock onto the lid & just love how it turned out.

I wanted to share this project on my blog & like to think that it might give another greiving family some comfort by making something similar.

Finished box
Always in our hearts.....

click to enlarge

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.



  1. Beautiful Gez, i'm sure you'll get some lovely thoughts into it and visit them often. xx

  2. Hi Gez
    what a lovely memory box, you did an amazing job on that, the color them is sooooooooooo pretty. And I believe that Robin had a special purpose :) I'd be on the lookout for more signs :) hugs,Vicky

  3. Oh Gez, this is so beautiful, I'm sat here with tears streaming down my face, thinking of you and your family and also my mum who died14 years ago, but not a day goes by when I don't think of her and still miss her so much. In the coming years your children will cherish this stunning work. Hugs xx

  4. Yes, that brough a tear to my eye too. This is a beautiful box and a wonderful idea and great keepsake. Hugs Lynne x

  5. Hi Gez,
    You come up with some fantastic ideas. This is certainly a great way of keeping memories. We've just had our first Mother's Day without my mum and there is never a day goes by without a mention being made of her. It's amazing how only the good memories linger.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Fiona x

  6. oh gez what a beautiful idea, you brought tears to my eyes reading your post, so heartfelt. xx hugs xx

  7. Tears here too Gez. It's 12 years since I lost mine but the memories stay with you for ever. I really love your little box and know all too well that it will look even better in real life. We love the one you made us and will treasure it always.
    A x

  8. Totaly gorgeous Gez, you've done a fantastic job on this. A great and very special memory keeper.

  9. This is such a wonderful idea and so beautiful. Hugs Anesha :)

  10. Hi Gez
    thanks for letting us share something so personal, it is gorgeous, if your mum was here she would have loved it, I lost my mum as well so I know its a big part of your life missing, take care,
    Christine x

  11. Thank You.XXXX

    BIG ((hugs)) to everyone.XXXX

  12. Awe sweetheart, what a wonderful memory box you have made for your Mum, I expect she loves it. Lots of love & HUGS for you XXX

  13. This is lovely Gez, what a beautiful memory box, one that will last forever

  14. A beautiful project Gez and what a lovely way for you and the kids to gather together thoughts and memories of your mum. It will be nice for Tom to look at when he's old enough so that he can share in your memories as he was too little to have made any of his own. It's lovely to see robins on something like this too, they're such alert and bold wee things they deserve a bit of air time away from Christmas projects!

  15. What a beautiful idea. You can see how much time & love has gone into this project. You and your children & grandchildren will be able to look at this in years to come. You brought a tear to my eye & a lump to my throat. I still miss & think of my mum everyday after 23 years. I think I will make something like this, thankyou for the inspiration. I think she was with you when you saw the robin and everyday. Love Sandra x

  16. Gez what a brilliat box and one that will no doubt take pride of place in your home.

    Brilliant idea that the children can add to it too. x x

    Are the butterflies cut using a punch?

  17. What a lovely idea Gez. Your box is beautiful.

  18. Oh Gez you've really done your mumm proud with this box. It is just beautiful in every way possible. I hope that by filling it, it helps you with your grief so that one day, it won't be so hard for you to look in it.

  19. What a beautiful project.....and made with such love. I am fortunate to have the most wonderful mum and can't even start to imagine life without her. Thanks for letting us look at your lovely box xx

  20. Gez what a beautiful idea...love it xx

  21. Honey, this is such a beautiful project, and such a beautiful post. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this particularly difficult time of year for you xx

  22. Oh Gez what a wonderful way to remember your Mum. I can't imagine how it would feel not to have my Mum around so my heart aches for you.
    Your box is soooo beautiful and you have put so much love into it...your Mum would adore it I'm sure.
    Chris xx

  23. that box is awesom, full of love and so pretty. The pages for inside are really pretty too and the tag idea is one I must remember.
    Thank you so much for being brave enough to share this with us.

  24. Oh wow this is such a good idea Gez. I know you won't mind if I copy it. I have a box in the cupboard just crying out to be altered and now I know what it was waiting for.

    Your box is beautiful and will be a lovely keepsake of you dear Mum.

    Lesley x

  25. This is a wonderful creation, Gez, and such a beautiful idea. Reading through her brought tears to my eyes, feeling for you in your on-going grief, but what a lovely way to be able to share with your children your thoughts and feelings - such a treasure box x

  26. That's super Gez - what a lovely idea.

  27. The box is wonderful Gez. Very moving pos ;)
    Anne xx

  28. Hi Jez
    Read this post with much emotion. My mum died three years ago and there are lots of things now that I have realised about her which I hadn't when she died and would love to talk to her about. This is a lovely project and I love the reasons for making it and how you are going to use it. Might do something similar myself if you don't mind.
    Much Love
    x Michelle

  29. oh sweetheart this is glorious,love it and so would your mum the detail and attention to embellishments just shows how much you loved and cared for your mum hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  30. This is utterly beautiful Gez, a real work of art - and a work of heart too

  31. This is very emotional, your Mum is a lucky lady to be so well loved and such a beautiful box.
    Hugs Pat xx

  32. Gez this is wonderful and all the thoughts that went in to creating this wonderful piece (love the ribbon tabs great thinking)

    Love Dawn xx

  33. Beautifully created keepsake Gez, its just jaw dropping, I love it...beautiful detail and those Robins are fantastic...

    well done you!!!!


  34. I think you box is beautiful and such a great idea. I bet your Mum was so proud of you, and still is xxxxxxxxxxx


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