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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


It's Wednesday again! & so it's time I hang my head & blush! as I show you whats on my Wednesday washer....... one day it will be my desk!

Nothing much really! I'm waiting for some backgrounds to dry.............

.......... and while they are drying! Time for a little doodling......

It's not quite finished..... still a big gap in the middle to fill in! It's going to be so handy taking this pad with me to the hospital as it will easily fit into my bag so I won't mind if my appointment isn't on time for once!!

In true Blue Peter fashion!
Here's one I finished earlier. I didn't realise how addictive these could be!

Ooops! I had no idea my black fine liner pen wasn't waterproof. :(

I can't do a full swing as I craft in the kitchen. Here is a box that currently lives on top of the fridge freezer away from eager little eyes & hands!!!

Boy! is this box heavy to keep lifting down!
I'm hoping to rehouse everything shortly & can't wait!!

Oooh I nearly forgot to show you inside my butty box this week! After hopping over to Linda at A Crafting Journey & having a lovely nosy around! I spotted an idea that would solve my problem of never being able to find the ink pad I'm looking for without having to get all the ink pads out!

Da daa!

I printed out some labels & inked them so I can see which is which at a glance. Thank You Linda.xx

If you would like to find out more about What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! pop over to Julia's fabby blog to find out more.

Thanks for calling by & double Thanks.xx if you get chance to leave me a comment. I am hoping to visit lots of lovely workdesks tonight when I get the boys to bed. I feel very bad for not getting round to everyone last week. Sorry.xx

Enjoy the rest of the day. Love Gez.xx


  1. Hi Gez,
    I'm very impressed by your doodling.
    I love your ink storage too. Thanks for sharing.
    Clare x

  2. Love your ink storage and your doodling is really impressive.
    A x

  3. I agree, the doodling is great.

  4. OOOOOOH! I was really worried about blogging my doodling & thought everyone would think it was silly! Thank You.XXX

  5. I used to have my crafting bit all around the house, and crafted on the dinning table.
    Then daughter moved out, and i have a craft room, yippee.
    Told her she cant come back not giving it up no way

  6. Gez - the doodling is a great idea and the results are really good - you should be proud to display, we're in it with you. I wish I could magic you a craftroom so you could unleash your talent to the fullest potential - not that you don't do bad from the top of your washer!!! But I think you have so much more to give :O)

    Love looking in your lunchbox and you've done a great job with the inks. My mum hand wrote mine so saved me a job, she also inked the colours on too - what great tips we pick up from each other and WOYWW!!!! I LOVE IT.

    Big hugs

    Paula x x x

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  8. WOW Gez...that doodling is amazing honey!!!! I spent ages looking at that! Wonderful WOYWW HUGS XXX

  9. Hi Gez
    trying to think what is that short for, but have given up .
    Great idea with thenames on the inkpad Im just too lazy to do it maybe one of these days.
    Christine x
    great doodling

  10. I love your doodling! Haven't done this since....???? school book covers?? Well done, you've won some stamp images. If you could've seen what was going on in my craft rom this afternoon!! The best picture was the one I couldn't get because the batteries went flat!

  11. Ab Fab-u-lous art doodling :) Enjoy the class on Sat.

  12. Lovely pages and doodling Gez. I'm am in awe of your lovely crafting on a tiny space xxx

  13. Great doodling Gez, wish I had the patience (and the skill!). Hugs Pam

  14. Bless you.. I have made a comment to see if they can find you on my blog ( try and get you a room,lol) I do feel for you working from your little space!
    Love the sketching you have been doing.. have fab is this!

  15. The backgrounds look lovely, the doodling is fab ;) Congratulations on getting Spyder's little guessing game correct. My son bought me the table covering; not sure what it was meant for; when he lived in America and I love it :)
    Anne xx

  16. Love the doodling Gez!! Not really into this myself but you have done a great job xx

  17. Cor Gez your doodling is fab. And I for one will miss your washing machine shots if you get a desk. A desk leads to wicked untidy ways you know!! Love the butty box index.

  18. Wow ...that is some amazing doodling ...something I have never tried ... except on note books when I was at school 50 years ago lol

  19. I agree - amazing doodling. Love the background papers too.

  20. Fab doodles - clever thing and great idea to have a book in your bag for those odd moments.

  21. Gasp! that is exactly what I did when I scrolled down and saw your brilliant doodling. Gez that is magnificent.

    Thanks for the idea too about labelling distress ink too. Another job for me to get round to. haha

    Love Tracey :)

  22. I did a bit of that doodling a while ago and had forgotten all about it - it's 'proper' name is zentangle apparently....x

  23. Fantastic doodling, those look outstanding!

  24. Kisses right back at ya ... you did a fab job ... and that doodling is fabulous!

  25. Its all looking good Gez and I really must colour lable my inks too yours look so cool

  26. The doodling is fantastic Gez and great idea to colour and label the ink pads.
    I haven't joined WOYWW this week as I have just spent 2 wonderful days at AFTH with a lovely young American Dina Wakely teaching us her journal techniques. This was fantastic you would have loved it and such a good teacher. Guess who was there learning with the rest of us Sue Roddis and Sarah Anderson, faint faint!!!!
    Hugs Pat xx

  27. gosh love your doodling hun its briliant and love all the inks in the tin too hugs cheryl xxxx

  28. Love your doodling Gez - that's how I while away time in meetings lol

  29. Amazing doodling, Gez - good idea to take it to the hospital. Like the idea of inking up labels for the ink pads - might pinch that idea x

  30. The book looks great with all the doodles, your lunch pail is great for lining up your ink pads :)
    hugs Nikki

  31. i love your doodling gez :)
    can't believe you craft on your washer LOL. great storage idea for the ink pads :)

  32. Hello Gez,
    Thank you for coming to visit me.
    what an amazing blog you have. I love all your work!
    Your art journals are knock out good and so are the doodles :-)

    The lunch tin is a fantastic idea for storing those ink pads.
    I heart the way you charged your husband for making your own Valentine card - you clever girl! AND he chose a fantabulous card for you!!!
    I'll be doing that next time with himself!


  33. *love* the doodling!! What a fab idea :-)

  34. Love the doodling. You come up with some wonderful creations to say you work on top of your kitchen appliances. Great ink pad storage. Love Sandra x

  35. well at least your backgrounds are neatly drying lol ...


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