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Thursday, 1 April 2010

2010 365 art journal calendar

Well I'm happy to kiss good-bye to March & show you my completed pages. March is such a difficult month with the loss of my mum & her parents... my beloved grandparents.

My mum passed away on Good Friday & with it keep jiggling about it feels more real then than on the 21st March. I am dreading Easter. :(

Tom ended up in A&E last Good Friday. Thankfully not the same one where my mum died & my DD has been rushed in hospital on the same day too! It's really not a good day in our house.

Keep crafting that's my motto... Here are my March pages.

click to enlarge

my April pages already for the off!

click to enlarge

I had so much fun preparing my April pages. Good Luck if you are joining in the fun. Have a lovely month.

If you would like to visit more fabulous pages visit Kate at The Kathryn Wheel.

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. Aprils is so very personal to you that I didn't read it all my lovely. It does get better over the years XXXX

    Your April pages are looking gorgeous & springlike! Here's hoping for a much better month for you all. Hugs for today & this weekend especially, lovsa XXX

  2. I really love how you do your journal pages. Will be sending you lots of positive vibes over Easter. Make every day special Gez.
    A x

  3. Hi Gez !!!
    Your pages look amazing !!! Sorry March is such a hard month for you !! Look at the blessings you do you in your beautiful children !!! HUGS MY FRIEND

  4. LOVE these pages you are really talented. My thoughts are with you over Easter.

  5. Hope Good Friday really is good for you this year :) Hugs.....April pages look lovely btw

  6. oh love this hun,I have still to finish mine but you have done an amazing job hugs cheryl xxx

  7. Both March and April are beautiful, will be thinking of you tomorrow, believe me, it gets easier with time, but your memories remain with you forever. Hugs xx

  8. Those calendar pages are lovely Gez. April is a sad month for us too as we lost Dad at the beginning of April and his birthday is in the middle of the month.I can't believe its 21 years ago. He knew we loved him more than anyone else in the world and that's a great comfort. By working together and being the folk we are we are leaving the legacy of love he would wish us to do.I am a firm believer in living for today. Enjoy your Easter break! x Jo

  9. Must be a tough time for you. Your pages are wonderful, love the colours. Anesha

  10. I love your pages, even though it was a tough month for you. You manage to do so much it always amazes me!

  11. Life is so difficult for you - I'm so glad you can find soome outlet with your wonderful crafting - these are wonderful, as usual. Sending you hugs and thinking of you, particularly for tomorrow and the weekend x

  12. Oooh my my!!!! Stunning pages or what!!!!!
    I really like your journalling for March. For you too a particularly difficult month so well done!!!It looks lovely.
    April's page is amazing. Just LOVE those little owls and the flowers at the botton brings the whole page together. Really lovely Gez.
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and over Easter. Roll on next week eh?
    I am dippy and this proves it!!! I inadvertantly rejected a whole load of comments just now on my blog so if you don't see yours there that is why.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments though, it means a lot.
    Lesley x

  13. Well done, your March pages look wonderful and I still think you did right with your approach for you mum and your grandparents. Gosh, was that the soup incident with Tom on Good Friday? Is that really a year ago? Your April pages are going to look great too, you're off to a fab start!

  14. these pages look beautiful but I wouldn't read them it is too personal the colours are beautiful x sue x

  15. Hi Gez,
    Thank you for sharing this very personal journal page. What a great way to record your memories.
    Fiona x

  16. Oh I hope that Good Friday is a happier one for you this year Gez hun.

    Love your pages they are fab me lovely just love the spring colours in the april one :D

    Chris xx

  17. wow Gez gorgeous pages for March and good to see that Tom slept through the night :)

    Your April pages are fab too and those owls remind me of that children's book, "Owl babies" or do they represent your children?

    Hugs, love and support to you this Easter.


  18. Two great pages March and April. I can see now why March and GFriday are sad for you, chin up have fun with your children and I will be thinking of you. Crafting certainly is great therapy.
    Lots of hugs
    Pat xxx

  19. Wow these papges are fab! Hope April is a good month for you

    Love Dawn xx

  20. Hello Gez
    Your pages are fantastic - I love the doodling around the edges - did that stem fro the zentangling! Its addictive isn't it?
    I wish you a peaceful day tomorrow. This verse keeps scootching round in my head so I'll pass it on... weeping last for s night but joy comes in the morning. In time your sorrow will ease and you'll be able to smile at happy memories of your Mum. x x

  21. Oh hunny , thats sad babes , this will be the first easter without my dad too xxxx hugs to you and maybe this year - stay in and dont do anything ... anyone !
    fabulous pages - your tempting me to have a go !


  22. Gez your pages are amazing and I am sending you big hugs to you for over Easter hugs Chiz x

  23. wow these pages are just gorgeous!! such a beautiful idea!! Hugs Juls

  24. You really have found your calling with this Journal,your a natural.
    It was a sad month this one I know, but what a way to express your emotion's.....and put it all on a page
    You take care

  25. Gez your calander pages are little works of art - so much detail.
    (((hugs))) for a better month ahead for you.

  26. I loved your calendar pages Gez...your March ones were so full of sad days... unfortunately my last couple of days in March was like that too as a good friend of ours died and we couldn't go to his funeral as we were on holiday...he was only our age and has left 4 small children behind...take care and I hope April is turning out better for you...Kirsti x


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