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Monday, 24 May 2010


Just wanted to wish everyone & their families taking their G.C.S.E's this week...


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I made this card for my darling DD to stand on her study desk at home. :)

I discovered Mo's Digital Pencil Designs the other day & my Rachel fell in love with this little image called Patience.

We've certainly needed a lot of that just lately! It so reminded me of my DD when she was little not that she ever got to carry a cat like that! Ours was miles too smart to be caught!!

I've used some scrummy Bo Bunny Papers & kept it fairly simple as I didn't want to take anything away from the design.

Wishing everyone a lovely week whether you have exams in the family or not!


Just wanted to say too.... Thank You for everyone's help on the card in my last post. I did leave the image blank & I made an envelope box yesterday.

Joanne was a very special lady to many people. She was my grief councellor for 18 months... we laughed & we cried together & we kept in touch. I also know she kept up to date with my blog! Turned out I've only known her mum 17 years! I still can't believe she has gone......

I so wanted to get the card right for her mum. Thank you for your help.xx

Love Gez.xx


  1. Gez, thank you so much for showing me!!! Totally fab card -- just beautiful. I'm tickled that your daughter loves it so much and I hope it inspires lots of 'patience' as she studies :) xoxoMo

  2. what an adorable card...great coloring on the image...which is sooooooooooooo adorable btw :)

  3. A very suitable card for your daughter, I'm glad she likes it. Wish her good luck from me for her exams pleased. The card is beautiful.

  4. Hi Gez, All the very best to your daughter with her exams. Been there done that 3 times and know all too well the stresses they go through. It's just another step up the ladder of life for them. :-)
    A x
    ps I really love the card.

  5. Lovely to make a card to get your daughter through the exams, having taken some very recently I know how much something like this means. That is such a great image and you have coloured it beautifully.

  6. Adorable card, love the image. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog, means a lot. Again sorry for the loss of your friend. Hugs Anesha

  7. This is a fabulous image and you have certainly done it justice.
    I remember when my lot were doing their GCSEs and don't envy you.
    Hope your week is a happy one.
    Lesley x

  8. Beautiful Gez Mo,s images are always so cute, lovely dp.
    Christine x

  9. Adorable patience card - there is usually very little of that around here...lol.. good luck with her exams...Sorry for the loss of your friend and the card you made was so lovely...Hugs...xox.

  10. Oh this is adorable Gez and what a lovely message to put on your blog!

    The picture is just like Millie holding one of my cats so I will just have to get that one, thanks XXX

  11. Lovely card Gez - good luck to Rachel - I know she doesn't really need it though as she's sooooo clever!

  12. Awww, what a gorgeous card Gez and such a lovely thought to give a card to your daughter xx

  13. My eldest in the middle of them at the moment - very tense in our house - treading on egg shells!..Great card - love Mo's images

  14. Good Luck Rachel!! Read the question twice before starting and do the easy ones first!!

    It's a gorgeous card, even if it looks like the girls is throttling the cat lmao!

    ((Hugs)) again for you xxx

  15. A lovely idea making Rachel a card and such a cute card too.
    I wish Rachel good luck I am sure she will do well. I hope this weather isn't too hot for them all studying and sitting in exam rooms.
    Hugs Patxx

  16. thats soo cute gez :)
    must check that site out :)

  17. Gorgeous card Gez, and I do love the image. Best of luck to Rachel...x

  18. Great card Gez and cute image (not that your DD seems to be lacking in patience in any way - bless her!). Best of luck with the exams!

  19. Lovly card Gez! Good luck to Rachel!!!!!
    And a big hug for you my lovely xxxx

  20. Good luck Rachel! _ love the card Gez. hugs to you too - Jo

  21. Wonderful card and good luck Rachel in your exams :) x

  22. Great card gez, I am sure your DD will love it. Good luck to her, so stressfull!
    Kerry x

  23. Gosh it is sad that yr friend has gone. But your daugter is a great help I am sure, and she loves this card too so how cool is she? Lots of exams are high presure so am sure this card is really meaningful for her too.

    My son is in his final school year and getting ready for prom too as weel as final exams. I am sure she will love this experience when her time comes but your purse WON'T I have a boy and it's costing a small fortune lol

    I love your card so colourful and the back ground is so nice too

    Love Dawn xx

  24. Beautiful card Gex love the colours :)
    Anne xx


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