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Thursday, 6 May 2010


for not being around this week.

It's a long & complicated story. After the joy of my daughter receiving a wonderful once in a life time offer of travelling to China to study for 3 weeks. The Identity & Passport Service have gone & knocked the stuffing out of me.

They have thrown every obsticle in the way imaginable & I have to admit defeat. Doesn't feel all that great to be British right now. :(

Just wanted to say as well Something Completely Different have a new challenge tomorrow so please look out for that. Thanks, Gez.xx

* Update, Friday, after deciding we had nothing to loose I applied for a passport today & enclosed 5 relevant documents which will hopefully meet with their approval. If not I feel confident to make an appeal & go higher. I've been told I should hear something in about 2 weeks time so we've everything crossed here.

Thank You for everyone's kind comments & support....xx

** Something Completely Different's first birthday challenge went live today & I must say a special Thank You to Carol for editing & publishing my post.xx

I've lots of blogging & hopping to catch up on now hopefully I will have more time & can concentrate. I've even a little tutorial for you from a special man in my life. :D

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend & enjoy whatever you have planned. I know for one I am stopping home tomorrow & resting my very sore heel as much as I can this weekend.

Take care. Love Gez.xx


  1. Oh poor you. Really sorry to hear you're having problems. Shout if you need to air off.
    A x

  2. Sounds like you are all having a really bad time at the moment!! Hope things look brighter soon. Love Chanelle x

  3. I a so sorry for your daughter, denied by bureacy. Hope she is ok and not too disappointed. K x

  4. Rachel doesn't know yet.. no quite sure what I'm going to tell her...

  5. Oh no what a blow, you must be so disheartened. Poor Rachel as well, so disappointing.
    Anne x

  6. hi Gez
    so sorry for you and your daughter.It is really horrible when things don't turn out as planned. I hope the opportunity will arise later and work out for Rachel
    Love sarah XXX

  7. Being the positive soul that I am I will say - everything happens for a reason. Thats no consolation but maybe something better is just around the corner! Jo

  8. Do hope you get this sorted out such a shame a young persons amazing opportunity is tarnished if not blighted by red tape.
    Hope you get time to take care of yourself and Have fun. (((Hugs)))

  9. fingers and toes crossed this works out for her.

  10. I know it is difficult when you are not feeling on top of the world but stick them out Gez and if you need any help just let me know. Are other parents experiencing the same, you can apply to the Chinese Embassy for the visa on block as a school party.
    I have only just seen your post re this problem as had no time to blog hop.
    Hugs Pat xx


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